Can I download and play computer games on my PS3/

After all the hype I was curious about Cave Story, but my computer isn’t really set up to play a platform game.

  1. No, you cannot.

  2. If your computer has a screen and a keyboard and can access the internet or a jumpdrive, you can use cave story. It’s really small. And there is an English translation which works like a charm.

  3. No, you cannot use your PS3 like a computer. Bwahahahahaha!!!111 :smiley: Hah! Man, you kill me! That’s hilarious (Wipes tears of laughter from his eyes.)

Short answer - nope.

Long answer to proactively address what someone will inevitably come in here to say - if you have a pre-slim PS3, you have an option to “Install Other OS”. This only works for Linux, since the Cell-CPU architecture isn’t supported by Windows.

I see on the Cave Story wiki page that it has been ported to Linux, but I would doubt that this would work smoothly on the PS3 - while Linux runs on the PS3, it requires a lot of manual tweaking and compiling.

What do you mean when you say your computer isn’t set up to play a platform game? I seriously doubt that a 2d, 16-bit platformer will tax your hardware, and if you’re talking about controllers, if WASD or arrow keys doesn’t cut it for you, Playstation-type USB gamepads can be had for $20 or so.

Your computer doesn’t have a screen and a keyboard?

On review, I see smiling bandit’s comments. sb, take a look at this wiki page - you can indeed use a (pre-slim) PS3 as a computer, but it takes a lot of Linux know-how and effort to get up and running (more than most users are comfortable with).

While a Linux-loaded PS3 likely won’t play very many games, it performs well for word-processing, browsing, email, etc. - I know several people who use their PS3s in this manner. And several PS3s clustered together make a stellar distributed computing platform for large number-crunching exercises.

If it’s a controller issue. You can even use the PS3 Sixaxis controller as a USB Gamepad. Theres some drivers/ minor issues. But I use it all the time for playing emulated games. I don’t remember where I got the drivers from though.


This would be the best solution for me. Anybody know were I can download a driver and emulator?

Another option, if you don’t want to mess with drivers, is to get a PS-like USB gamepad. I’ve got a Logitech Rumblepad that works great, and is a similar layout to the PS3 controller, but with fully programmable buttons, which you can’t really do with the sixaxis on a PC.

It’s pretty easy to load YDL on your PS3. You just download it, burn it to disk and install. I had no trouble at all. That said, you will not be able to play many games, just like you say. The OS has no access to the PS3’s graphic acceleration capabilities. It just uses a frame buffer. It’s fine for word processing and browsing the web with Firefox though. Honestly, though, I just installed it to see how it ran and haven’t used it at all since then. Now it’s just taking up 10 gigs of HDD space. Unless you’re someone who wants to write code for cell architecture I wouldn’t recommend it.

I use the driver from here. It can be a bit tricky to get working since the driver isn’t signed but when I went searching for a driver it seemed to be the only one out there that work on 64 bit windows. It might be worth googling around to see if there’s a signed driver out there yet. Especially if you use a 64 bit version of windows.

Of course you can. The driver I linked to lets you remap the buttons. And even if that weren’t the case you can use any number of different programs to remap controller/keyboard/mouse buttons for anything. GlovePIE or Xpadder, for example.

Picking up a USB gamepad is the easiest option though.