Can I get a football roster with how the player was aquired?

I am something of a casual football fan so I am not familiar with every player on the team. I print out the roster so when I see a player I don’t know make a good play I can look up his name. The rosters I printed out from previous years had a column that showed how and when the player was acquired. I have looked around and I can not find a roster list that shows this information. Does anyone know where I can find one?

Specifically I am interested in the New England Patriots.


~ Go Pats :smiley: has when a player was drafted, but a quick glance doesn’t find information on how a given team aquired a player, whether in free agency or trade… it might be there, as that is a great reference site.

One way to proceed is to first go to Pro Football Reference to see in what year the player was acquired by the Patriots (in this case, Chad Ochocinco), and then go to the site of the NFL to see all the transactions made by the team sorted by year. The list goes back to 2006.

If you go to the Patriots’ web site, and go to their roster page:

…clicking on each player’s link will lead to his page, which includes info on how the Pats acquired him. It’s not all on one page, but at least it’s accessible.

Thanks guys. I had hoped to find something all on one page for easy reference during a game. It looks like I am going to have to put my own together.