Can I get my old lost recordss from the IRS?

Let’s say you needed to get information in order to file a tax return. Let’s say you wanted copies of all the paperwork filed by all your banks, employers, etc during 2004 for tax year 2003.
Is there some way to request those records?
It LOOKS like the IRS form 4506-T might do that, but the verbiage leads me to believe that it also might just get you completed tax returns.

You would need to contact your employers, banks, etc. individually to request the information.

Thanks for the answer.
Too bad I have to go through that.

No, you can get your “IRP” information from the IRS. What you can get is an electronic copy of whatever 1099/w-2 etc they filed on you.

But if you filed your 2003 Fed 1040, just getting a copy (well,it won’t be a “copy”) shoudl give you all the info you’d need to file a State return, at least in the states i know.


you can get your 1099 info but it will not be like you are used to seeing. I had to do a little backchecking a year ago…you get used to it once you have fiddled with them for a while. Its a printout of each 1099 with just the line/box # and an amount if any with no description or explanation for each line. The #'s do correspond with the boxes on your regular 1099 so if you have 1 old one handy for reference its not so bad.

You can call the IRS and they’ll send you a print out of whatever you need (most common is the Individual Master File…when you filed, how much income, what you paid, etc…or Payor Information…W2s, 1099s, mortgage interest, etc).

I don’t think an individual can do it, but we have access to their data base (tax business). I just type in our CAF number, the clients name and social and it pops up all their tax records that are covered by our Power of Attorney. Maybe your accountant can do this? I’m not sure if H & R Block does.

Ah. This ridiculously long link explains things:

"You can obtain a copy of your IRS accounts by calling and asking for your Master File Transcript, or MFTRA. "
"Your MFTRA won’t show income reports the IRS has in its computer on you – that is, the data provided to the IRS on 1099 and W-2 forms reporting how much you were paid by employers, banks and the like. This data is available, however, if you know how to ask for it. Call Taxpayer Service and ask for an Information Returns Program (IRP) transcript for each year of concern.

IRP data is helpful if you have lost W-2 or 1099 forms and need to prepare a tax return. The information also lets you match your records against what others have reported to the IRS to let you check for discrepancies.

Yeah you can call 1-800-829-1040.

As mentioned, if you want your records of filing (you can go back as far as you want) ask for an Individual Master File.

If you want your W2s, 1099s, etc- ask for your Payor Information.

If you have a fax, ask them to send it that way- otherwise you’ll be waiting over 3 months for your stuff to get to you.