Can I get to the bottom of the page without scrolling?

So, I am following a thread. I click on “new posts”, and I see the thread and it has new posts. I click on it. It has over 30 posts that I have already read. I just want to get to the new posts I haven’t read. I have to scroll through the previous posts I have read. Is there a better way? Is there a page bottom move? It would be easier to scroll up to the new posts than to scroll through the previous 30.

notice a down arrow next to the thread title? by right, that should bring you to the first new post when you click on it. the ‘End’ key on your keyboard scrolls to the end of the page.

I typically sign in only when I want to make a post; otherwise, I just lurk and read threads without signing in. So my typical strategy is to just press the “End” key just as shijinn suggests, and then scroll up from there.

Super-duper! Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks troops!

‘End’ key more like plummets.

if you had to end things, that would be the best way. get straight to the point and rip it off right off.

Just above the first post in any thread with new posts is a link that says “View First Unread.” Just click on that link and it will take you directly to the first new post

Note that the view first unread button is a bit finicky and frequently doesn’t work correctly. If it’s an old thread that you have never opened, “first unread” will probably be on page 11ty-billion, for instance. And oftentimes it will go to the same early post even after you’ve posted in the thread, at least until a couple hours later whenever it updates itself.

Still, it generally works better than scrolling.

Also…to answer the other question in the OP - you should have an “END” button on your keyboard. Pressing that should take you to the bottom of the page.

If you use FireFox, get the Fire Gestures add-on (or other mouse gesture add-on; I assume there’s more than one and pretty sure there’s one for Chrome).

It’s got a fully customizable set of gestures that make browsing very easy (er, even easier). I can zip to the top/bottom of any page with a right-click and over/up or over/down. Opening tabs, switching between tabs, looking up selected text on a handful of preferred search engines, skip-cache reloading … the list of handy things it does is pretty big.

Try the spacebar instead.

That’s because it’s really the “first unread since you last visited” button. “You last visited” is in the upper right corner of the page, and it resets after you display a page and don’t do anything else for some minutes (15 or 20, I think). It is a flawed and confusing feature, but that’s how it works.

In Opera, I’ve added two buttons for top/bottom of page to my tab bar for keyboardless jumping. Check to see if you can add similar buttons/widgets to your browser.