Can I just share how tired I am of eating shit at my job?

Here is the situation: I do tech support for a small software company. Did I mention that the program is buggy as hell and costs too much? My typical day is a fine mixture of apathetic programmers and legitimately pissed off customers that want to take it out on me because I am the only one that answers the phone.

Did I mention that my co-worker (there are only 2 folks in the tech support “department”) is a lazy fuck? This means that I am doing about triple the work and still get called on the carpet by the “boss” (more on this in a moment) if the “department” falls behind.

My “boss”: progeny of the company owner padding resume for MBA school. In to being “proactive”


I’m sorry about your job. I have nothing to add, except that your thread title made me think of - “You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?” from Happy Gilmore.

If you didn’t have your location listed I’d think you worked for the company that developed and “implemented” our shitty-ass system. (Of course it doesn’t help that our “computer software engineer” is a . . . well, you can read
my own rant although he’s only mentioned in passing.

You’re not the only one who is fed up today.

The peasants are revolting! :stuck_out_tongue:

How is a tech support worker supposed to be “proactive”? Ring up everyone who bought the product, just to check that it’s working OK?

And they smell bad, too.

I indulged in corporate coprophagia for several years before I was fed up (get it?) and decided that another job was in order.

Think about it: How good would it feel to tell your boss, “Well, that’s just fucking stupid.”

It’s incredibly liberating. Of course, you might not want to follow my example exactly. You might want to have another job lined up before you tell the honcho to analize himself.

Are you sure that your company isn’t in Provo Utah?

Ooooh! I like that!

Hey, man, don’t be slammin’ the home town (well, almost)!

There are sucky places to work all over the country–I know 'cause I’ve worked in them!

I am slamming a certain sofware company in Provo not the town.

I found your town to be quite pleasant. (I would kill to eat at Otavio’s again.

However the people who wrote and maintain Horizon should be boiled in their own urine. After having their system in our Library for 4 months, we are taking up a collection to have them fire bombed.