Can I replace the screen on my LCD TV?

Without paying through the nose?

There was an accident, and now the screen’s cracked. The innards seem ok, as you can still hear the TV, but all you see is a psychedelic pattern.

How much is through the nose?

This site: offers LCD screen repair starting at $95 to upwards of $369, depending on the size of your TV.

ETA: Never mind. Says pretty clearly that they can’t fix cracked screens. :smack:

Hmm. From some searching, it seems that some will replace a broken screen, so I don’t know what’s up with that site.

What brand and how old is the unit?
What size screen?

Have you checked with the manufacturer yet?

If it is a recent purchase, some Credit Cards have replacement programs.


It’s an Olevia 36", less than a year old. Hven’t talked to the manufacturer or any repair shops yet, just wondered if it was possible to do so without basically paying for a whole new TV.

I would think the LCD is 99 & 44/100% of the cost of the TV as it is.

Did you purchase it via a credit card? Does your Credit card have any sort of purchase protection program? It is worth checking.

Olevia might be your best hope of repair/replacement. They take back and refurbish many units. You might get lucky contacting them directly.

Good Luck,