Can I start a thread about detoxifiers?

I wanted to start a poll in IMHO about people’s experience with detoxifiers. I wasn’t sure if this would be against the rules. The detoxifiers themselves aren’t illegal, but most of the reasons people use them are illegal. Would it be all right if I started the thread, mods?

Just wanted to make sure the mods knew I was talking about products that are designed to clean drugs out of your system. I’m sure they knew already, but since they haven’t replied yet I was afraid there may have been some confusion.

I don’t believe they’re illegal to use in most cases anyway. They only illegal use I can really think of is in the case of a parolee who has court ordered drug testing. This might constitue an obstruction of justice charge.

OK, first, just posting in ATMB is not necessarily the best way to get Mod’s attention.

Second, this will probably need some discussion amongst the mods. Please hang on, we’ll get back to you… and thanks for asking first!


There have been some similar threads in the past. This one is the most recent.

Any thread about how to subvert the legal process tends to get closed down quickly.

I originally thought “Let your conscience be your guide,” but I know some of you folks, so that’s maybe not such a good idea. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Is that a no?

I’m not on probation or anything, I’m just job hunting to see if I can find more gainful emloyment elsewhere. I understand if your answer is no, but I was just wanting a little feedback on the subject. Nothing major really so it’s no great loss if you guys aren’t for it.

Want feedback on the subject? Basically detoxifiers don’t work. They are there to separate fools from their money.

QtM, former Medical Review Officer (certified whiz quiz doctor).

Dammit. This is killing me. If the mods let me open my thread, would you please bring this point up again in that thread? I have personal experience that contradicts 100% what you are saying.

I understand that you are the Dr here and I am not. I understand that you would have much more knowledge on the subject than I. And this is another reason I would like to open the thread, so I can discuss this in detail and hopefully either fight my ignorance or maybe explain the great luck (or bad tests) that my friendsand I have.

Since this isn’t actually the thread to discuss detoxifiers and more of a thread requesting permission to start the thread to discuss detoxifiers, I do not feel it would be right for me to address your point here.

I’m going to give a qualified OK for you to open a thread. And I’m hoping that Qadgop and others will post quickly, before lots of crapola gets spread around.

There’s a fine line here: on the one hand, we want to encourage general discussion on almost any topic. On the other hand, the Straight Dope Message Boards cannot condone discussion about how to break the law, or how to engage in illegal activities.

So, as long as the discussion remains “in general,” we’ll allow it… but we will monitor it carefully, and as soon as we get a post about how to evade the law, it will be shut and closed (and posts could be disappeared.)

You might want to copy my permission and comments into the OP.