Can I use PS2 Games from the US in my European (Irish) Playstation ?

The ops says it all.

Please let me know. E-bay beckons.



Short answer is no.

You can use NSTC (US) games on a NSTC console, then use a converter to play it on a PAL (Europe and Australasia) TV, but you can’t play NSTC games on a PAL console. Might be possible with illegal mods, but I’ve heard they’re pretty flakey.

Now you can join my personal vendetta against English language PAL release delays.

Yeah, what Rabid_Squirrel said. You can “chip” your playstation to play NTSE (if you know someone who can), but you invalidate your warranty. NTSE is better because, for one thing, the games play at a slightly higher frame rate, therefore they run slightly faster.

Nope. FYI it’s NTSC.

You can play them if you have a mod chip, but you’ll need a TV that can handle NTSC. Installing a mod chip voids your warranty and requires a bit of soldering, and may or may not be legal where you live (I haven’t heard anything about it being illegal in Ireland).

Modding one’s Playstation is not illegal, and modchips can be acquired from a variety of legit companies. They may void your warranty (as will anything that involves opening the case and tinkering), however.


Thanks guys. I’m not really a dab-hand at the old soldering so I will prolly leave well-enough alone.

Thx all.

Few people actually mod their Playstation by themselves. Ask at some of the games shops around you if they do it. Mall chain stores won’t (because their sales clerks don’t know crap), but most independent games shops or comic book stores will have someone one hand who is a pro at soldering mod chips.


Thanks - I’ll check it out…