Can John Edward Contact Saddam Hussein's Ghost?

How do I get John Edward to contact Saddam Hussein? Assuming Hussein is dead, what better way to demonstrate Edward’s psychic abilities? How should I contact Edward and make this suggestion?
All of you psychics…have you had any communication from Saddam? Did he die in that bunker?:confused:

you are kidding.
They are frauds.

…ok, I’m getting an “s,” possibly a Sam or a Saddhu? He has a message for…wait…I’m getting a message for George. Who is George? Hello George, do you know a Sam or a Saddhu? Ok, Saddam, that’s it. Saddam wants you to know that he is fine, that he is at peace, and that America is the Mother of all whores…um…he also says that you are the great pig dog from satan and that you will suffer the wrath of Allah…does any of that make sense to you? Ok, good…Saddam also hopes that your father gets fucked by a camel…[moving on]…Ok, now, is there a “Susan” in the audience?


This could be the proof that Edward has been seeking! Imagine, Saddam tells all from the great beyond.
Imagine this dialogue:
-EDWARD: How did you pass?
SADDAM: we were in the bunker, having dinner…all of a sudden. there was this big explosion!
-EDWARD: do you have any regrets?
-SADDAM: No, I just met 72 virgins, and I don’t have a backache any more!
-EDWARD: do you have a message for your sons? Is UDAY with you?
-SADDAM: Uday should be aware that he is about to be killed…somebodies husband is pissed off at him!
-EDWARD: when will you contact us again?
-SADDAM: later, after i get through with those vigens…

:eek: I knew it all along! The vegans are in with Saddam!

Support America! Outlaw Veganism! :smiley: