Can just anyone buy an IV apparatus?

Is it possible for anyone who wants one to buy an IV apparatus, or do you need to provide proof that you have a medical requirement for one? I’ve heard that if you give yourself an IV drip overnight after a night of drinking it will rehydrate you so you won’t have a hangover the next day, and I want to give this a try.

I don’t know if anyone can buy an IV apparatus who wants one, but I am here to say that a half liter of Ringer’s lactate (or half normal sodium chloride) is an absolute and immediate hangover cure.

You’re still sleepy for hours, and you have to pee every twenty minutes for two hours.

You can’t put even a butterfly into yourself with a hangover. Trust me on this. After a really bad (=good) party during the surgical part of my residency, all the PAs came in with big hematomas on the backs of their hands. From managing to insert the butterflies in eachother when they were drunk/hungover.

There should be a designated butterflier when medical personnel get drunk.

Nope, you need to have a doctor’s prescription.

For example (all from Emergency Medical Products, Inc)

IV Tubing
IV Catheters
IV Fluids

They are a good hangover, cure, though.

St. Urho

What’s the easiest way to obtain one through non-legitimate means?

So as a drunk person you want to give yourself an IV. I guess your lucky that you have to have the perscription. We made IV connections and stuff for a company that added the finishing touchs and sterilized them. We threw out lots of the molded parts, so I guess though you can’t purchase them, you can dig hundreds out of the dumpster that don’t meet all the size requirements by a .0002 inches or such.

An IV apparatus is something you could probably make yourself.

Frankly, your plan is pretty nuts, though. You can get the same benefit from drinking a large glass of water.

I hope this thread was answered good enough, because your last post garanteed it will be shut down.

You’re on thin ice already. Next false step and you’re gone.

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Addenda: I closed the thread because the OP asked how to do something that is illegal. I thought this would be apparent, perhaps I was wrong.