Can libido be quantitatively measured?

According to this website I found, not yet, but this was a year ago:

What I mean, is it possible to put everything on a scale where the persons with the most active sex drive could be a 100 and asexual persons could be a 0? Without resorting to questionnaires where I believe men would be more likely to exaggerate their sex drive and women to under-report. Is their something chemical that could be measured? I thought it would be interesting to compare qualitatively, if possible, how libido varies with age, ethnicity, various income levels, regions, and religion. I seriously doubt that this much data is available, but I can wish can’t I?

Thanks in advance.

In general, people with higher testosterone levels will have higher sex drives. But there are so many other factors coming into play that you’d be hard-pressed to guess a person’s sex drive given their testosterone levels.

Arousal is not the same as libido. Arousal can be quantified in some ways; libido relies on self-report.

I would say a fairly good guide for men would be number times masturbating + number times sex per day.

So teens probably 2-3 decreasing down to 0-1 in middle age