Do muscular hairy women have better sex than delicate perfect-complexioned women?

Everyone has different levels of hormones. And presumably, women with elevated levels of testosterone will be more eager to have sex than those with lower levels of testosterone.

Anyone want to conduct this experiment for me?

As a muscular and hairy woman (thank Og for the Venus razor!) I’d have to say yes.

From my limited knowledge of having sex with hairy muscular women, I’d have to say it seems to be true.

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Good question, guava!

I suspect there is some connection between the two. When women have their ovaries removed, for example, they lose their ability to produce testosterone completely, and the result is often a complete loss in sex drive.

I believe testosterone also affects the facial structure, causing them to acquire a prominent brow ridge with sunken eyeballs, as well as a strong jawline, a large nose, acne, aggression, violent behavior, facial stubble, and so forth.

Not worth it, in my opinion.

One more thing-

I sometimes watch those female body-building competitions on ESPN, where they have these women with very developed muscles compete while wearing tiny string bikinis.

Some of these high-testosterone women have clitorises that are HUGE! If you look close, you can see the bulge.

I suspect that estrogen or some of the other girlier hormones have an effect on sex drive too. No cite, just a feeling I have.

Speaking as someone whose wonky endocrine system left her with low-even-for-a-woman testosterone levels for several years, I’m sure testosterone does make a difference. However, I doubt women with high T levels have better sex or feel the urge to have sex more strongly than other women…they may have it/want it more often, though.

Would an elevated level of testosterone necessarly produce muscular hairy women? 'Cause I think I have a pretty masculine sex drive for a smooth skinned girl.

And is it really as simple as that quote (where is that from?) implies: amount of testosterone = amount of sex drive.

I mean, men must have hundreds of time more testosterone than woman, but don’t think they’re HUNDREDS of time more horny than women (even women who aren’t me).

I have only slightly heightened testosterone levels (I don’t have a beard, a giant jawline, or even a giant doom clitoris as Surreal mentioned) but I have noticed that I tend to be more interested in pornography and have more sex drive than other women. Not a lot more. But I think I have something of a glimpse into why men are said to have sex on their minds all the time. Mmm, smut.

It could also just be cultural though. I’m not overly concerned with taboos or acting like a delicate female with no sex drive at all, and some of my friends who are also more straightforward seem to be about at the same level I am. So, who knows?

What do musculature and terminal hairs have to do with the smoothness of skin? It’s not like they’re exclusive.

:eek: Hope her first name wasn’t Ron!

** betenoir** the quote is from the Marriage Builders website that was recommended to me by Toddly in this thread.

Sure, I doubt it’s that simple. That’s why I asked the question. Taking testosterone hormones increases your sex drive. I just wondered whether that is the main factor that accounts for the difference in sex drive among different women.

xcheopis sorry, bad wording, I just meant hairless. Maybe soprano-toned would be more appropriate?

And you found this out by checking to see if they were really women? In the interests of science only, of course!

Can I have the shaved muscular/perfect complexion combo?

Low testosterone does, however, mean less acne. It’s obviously not the only cause for pimples, but it is the reason why prepubescent children tend to have clear skin and why many women break out just before their period each month. Generally a woman’s testosterone levels are at their highest during the last few days before her period. So almost any menstruating woman can judge for herself whether or not she feels hornier or has better sex when her testosterone levels are elevated.

No, but her mother’s first name was though. :eek: :eek:

Did you check for an adam’s apple?

In the late 20th century, East Germany’s women’s Olympic swimming team doped up with so many steroids that their clitorises grew to the size of pinky fingers. High school health class… aaahhhhh the memories.

Care to put your money where my…err…your mouth where…no…umm…care to put that theory to the test? :smiley:

Mmmmmmm…smooth skinned girls

Bartender! I’ll have what Kallisti’s having.