Can someone help me find a good shooter for ps3?

i’m looking for a good shooter, doesn’t matter first person, third person, something fast paced, and fairly realistic…lemme explain my duty situation, so u know my woes and what i’m lookin for

i got into cod5 when i was at school a friend had it … what really got me into duty thuogh was discovering 4 (online, i’d played campaign and stuff),

i loved mw2, played it entirely too much … i still play it occasionally but i get bored and fed up with cheaters & quick scopers (the worst though-one man army, danger close, and tube; it’s really not cool, i don’t see how people have fun with that, sure i could fight back and do the same, but that’s really boring to me, it’s better to not play). i think quick scoping is kinda lame, u really gotta be obsessed with video games to do that consistently, my eyes start hurting and i don’t wanna practice for hours to get it down… plus i’m finally getting bored of the maps… i just miss running around rust with a mini uzi and m10, those were the good ol days

mw2 was where it ended, i’ve hated the last 2 dutys and heres why.

i hate the guns and maps of the new dutys… it’s too unfair, my favorite thing about mw2 was that there are about 3 guns i don’t like… i find the opposite with the new ones, black ops i only relaly liked the aks, commando was love-hate, same with galil, mac 11 was really fun but forget it if ur playing against good ppl; black ops maps sucked, liked the snow level (small one forget name), nuketown and firing range, that was really it…mw3 u have ak, mp9, pp90, and once again, tons of quickscoppers… i loved HC domination, best duty game mode ever i think, but still it got boring after a while, and the maps sucked…i really don’t like mw3 maps

so basically want a game with tons of good guns, fast gameplay, small maps… basically just slaughterfests, haha any ideas?

i tried battlefield but u have to pay to playonline if u didn’t but it (rented it to try it)… i’m not gonna support a game with cut throat policies like that