Can someone please explain the appeal of Jenna Jameson?

For those not in the know, Jenna Jameson is a porn star. Actually, from what I can tell, she is considered the Porn Star (PS). She is the only PS I have seen on such fairly mainstream shows (at least, compared to porn) as “The Man Show” and Ben Stein’s old talk show. Her popularity seems almost on par with that of Ron Jeremy, and this while her career is still viable.

Anyway, I’m wondering, what gives? I’ve seen some of Jameson’s porn. She’s no better at doing what PS’s do than anyone else, IMHO. She has an exceptionally nice boob job, and a decent body, but again, no better than a host of others in the industry. Not only that, but without all the makeup and dye job, she really isn’t even that pretty! (Call it the Pamela Anderson effect.)
Jeremy’s status as a cult figure was invented after his heyday in porn was over, and was based as much on his personality (he’s one of the few porn actors who can be truly funny, on purpose) as anything.
But Jameson has no “personality” to speak of. Why, then, is she anything more than second-rate?

I don’t know. I always thought Jill Kelly was prettier, a better actress, and a better porn starlet. Like Ron Jeremy, Jill Kelly is actually capable of being entertaining outside of porn. I like her body better before she got her knobs enlarged, though.

Since when has personality (off screen) had anything to do with a stars bocks office power? Lots of guys find her attractive and are willing to spend the money to watch her grind nasties. I have never thought too much of her myself, either.

While I’ve never thought to much of her…performances, she does seem reasonably smart and confident. I read an interview with her once. Perhaps it was edited, but she came across as someone who knew damn well the stigma of what she was doing, and was smart enough to invest the cash. I’ve been told her apearances of mainstream TV come across sassy and impressive, although I’ve never seen one myself.


Everywhere you go, there you are.

Much like Cindy Margolis, Jenna Jameson is the product of intensive self-promotion than any real superiority as a porn star/actress/ model/whatever. She is accepted as more popular because she forces her name out in the spotlight more often.

And she went on O’Reilly. Kick-ass chick.

I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, but still…Kick-ass chick.

Plastic is always popular.

I’ve seen interviews with her on television and she seems smarter than many of her peers. She also seemed to me a bit brighter than Bill O’Reilly when she spoke with him (though in the interests of fairness it should be said that I have an anti-O’Reilly bias).

Also, if I’m not mistaken, she was a contract girl with Vivid or one of the other big porn companies. If this is so, then her movies should be promoted a lot more than most of the others, which would account for her being more popular than most of her peers.

I myself think Jenna is “okay,” but rather overrated.

I saw her on Howard Stern discussing her first leasbian experience with a cheerleader in high school. I’ve been hooked ever since . . .

It’s mainly due to her tireless self-promotion. She also seems to have a knack for picking the right niches within which to market herself (for instance, metalheads like me that go to tattoofests are more likely to be interested in porno stars than people attending an Oprah Winfrey book-signing; then again, you never know). Also, she’s blonde, and I think she’s hot in the trailer trash kinda way (aptly described as the Pam Anderson effect above).

Because as Hall of Fame porn stud Peter (volcanic pop-shot) North said, “Fucking Jenna’s pussy is like fucking cheesecake.”

Jenna Jameson… Mmmmhhh…
Obviously her looks are the appeal for me, but as strange as it sounds, I also like her voice.

She looks used up in person.

So, is that a good thing, or was he just hungry at the time?

Because you should never go shopping for food, or give an interview when your stomach is empty.

BTW: isn’t Jenna pretty rich, too? I thought I read an article a year or so ago which described her as being pretty business-savvy and, well, a millionaire because of it.

Hasn’t she been doing it for quite some time now? I saw an interview a while ago, and she looked pretty worn.

What her appeal is - well, it’s beyond me. Big tits and childish face doesn’t do it for me. Obviously YMMV.

I like Jenna because:

  1. She’s a PS.
  2. Jenna’s Built for Speed- 'nuff said.
  3. She gives the best looking oral ever.
  4. It’s all about fantasy anyway, so why not.

I prefer different looking women IRL.
I don’t like super freaks in porn.
Jenna is between those two.

And yes, her popularity is partially self-induced.
But she seems like she has fun with it, which is why
I prefer pro-porn vs. amatuer anyday.

PS = Porn Star? or is there something I’m missing.

She came to speak at a pornography debate at my school last year, so I got to meet her up close. She most certainly did not look “used up” or “worn out.” She actually had put herself together nicely – not in full porn makeup and hair – and looked even more attractive than I’d expected. And she comported herself well; not a brilliant speaker, but held her own.

I think those who have highlighted her tireless self-promotion and marketing skills have nailed her. Uh, it. Nailed it. Whatever.

For example, getting herself title-billed with Rocco Siffredi, by first name alone even, was quite a canny maneuver. She puts herself at the same level with an internationally prominent star, and elevates her profile considerably. I think that had a lot to do with cementing her stardom; she was already pretty well-known by that point, but she made a claim on number-one status, I think, with that title.

Speaking for myself, I’m not much of a fan. I don’t care for fake boobs in porn, no matter how “exceptional” they might be. I much prefer a natural B or C cup sloshing around than a D or E that doesn’t move, even if it isn’t marred by scars or weird stretch marks or any of the other giveaways. I tend to go for European porn for this reason; Pierre Woodman’s “Pyramid” trilogy has some jaw-droppingly hot (and unaltered) women in it.

In any case, I consider Jenna as something like the Madonna of porn. No better than average when evaluated objectively, but she’s raised marketing and image management to an art form. And like Madonna, you gotta give her huge props for successfully separating herself from the competition without having substantially better resources to begin with.