Can teeth in an adult be regrown?

According to this site:

Some Canadian researchers have developed a device that will do it with ultrasound. What’s the dope on that?

If thats the story I think it is, they are talking about just regrowing the root of the tooth not regrowing an actual whole tooth or the enamel. But I also recall in England they are working on actually being able to regrow a whole tooth, I may be misremembering but it involved stem cells possibly? Anyway the England study said they may be able to regrow whole teeth in about 5 years and the story came out 2-3 years ago so it may be just over the horizon. If I recall the process would take about 2 months.

Here is the article that I referenced:

Dear God please make it be true.

::smacks gums together and drools down shirt front::

This would have been an ogsend to my friend Fran, whose teeth all (but 8 or 9 front ones) went south by her 40s. She is now having $60 friggn thou worth of implants put in. :frowning:

I will not make a teeth joke about you being from England. I will not make a teeth joke about you being from England… :smack:

Listen sonny, my teeth were damn fine until I got a sodding gum disease which meant I had to have all but 4 of my top gnashers yanked out by a fucking butcher of a dentist.

My false teef are OK but it makes eating a crunchy loaf of bread or corn on the cob a bleeding ordeal.

Bacon salt is OK, or would be if I had some