Can teeth regenerate?

I have a coworker who has several cavities that she claims are healing. Is this even possible? Can teeth actually regenerate?

Not sure about naturally but I know there is a technique being pioneered of growing new teeth

Yep. Looks like promising research, too.

As to the OP, no, your cow-orker’s teeth are not regenerating on their own. Unless she’s a shark.

I Googled “tooth regeneration” and came across that stem cell method. This is definitely not what she’s talking about, unless she’s got a lab at home, and uses her free time outside of work amazingly well. I figured she was mistaken, but she seemed a bit put off when I disagreed with her.

That’s funny. I thought the same thing.

From, a dental health self-sufficiency information site.

Mmm. A mouthful of leathery tooth stumps…

Give us a kiss dearie… :eek:

WAG: Could her nerves be deadening or could she somehow be desensitized to the pain the cavities are causing, and equate that with healing?

That would be my guess as she told me that they used to cause her discomfort, but don’t anymore. However, the way she makes it sound, the cavities are vanashing into thin air, and being replaced by healthy tooth. :rolleyes:

My dentist gave me this prescription extra-flouride toothpaste because she said that the direct application of the flouride can lead to some teeth re-mineralizing - basically “healing”.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, though it is related. Do those types of toothpaste actually work? I remember Enamelon claimed it put liquid calcium in the paste. They disappeard (don’t know why), but now there’s Crest Enamel Care that is basically claiming the same thing. I bought it because i seemed to have warn my teeth down a bit. Do these types of toothpaste improve enamel conditions or are toothpaste companies lying through their teeth?


That’s the best news I’ve heard in months…

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to do much for me.