Do those "enamel-restoring" toothpastes really work?

I’ve always been paranoid about cavities and my teeth in general, so I’m curious if all those toothpastes/mouthwashes that claim they can restore tooth enamel are legitimate. Is it just marketing hype or is there actual evidence of them doing good?

I’m wondering that myself, with my crappy teeth. If just brushing with enamel-restoring toothpaste twice a day helps strengthen my teeth even a little, I’ll do it.

This really isn’t anything new. They have known for years that calcium and fluoride can not only stop tooth decay but in some cases can reverse it a bit. The key words in that sentence though are the “a bit” at the end of it. If you have a big gaping cavity in your tooth then this sort of thing isn’t going to help you in any meaningful way. Some minor damage can be repaired, though. That’s why they have been adding fluoride to toothpaste and drinking water for years.

I use high-flouride toothpaste – it’s 1.1% flouride vs. .24% in traditional toothpaste – until recently you could only get it by prescription. I have pretty bad teeth so I’ll take whatever help I can get.

Teeth, including cavities, can “remineralize,” and I have from time to time had a cavity get smaller between visits, but it isn’t a panacea against any possibility of decay.