can the victim of an assault

testify at a bail reduction hearing?

In my state all victims are notified of any status conferences that deal with the case including bail reduction. They are allowed to have input. No doubt it is different from state to state.

This is in Maryland.

Yes. For whom do you wish to testify? In my jurisdiction, we have a very proactive victim-witness program. They would call a victim to let them know a bond hearing was scheduled, and to ask if you wanted to testify. If you want to testify on behalf of the accused, you should be able to find their attorney with a phone call or two and Google.

She heard about the hearing but nobody has told her if she should be there or if she can testify.

Unfortunately, it’s routine for the people who deal with this everyday and sometimes they forget that the victim has no idea about the process, and no idea what is going on.