Can we get a round of 'Fuck Yous' for Wayne LaPierre?

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I got tired of the NRA when I realized they were no longer a non-partisan political organization and their constant fear mongering about those damned liberals taking away our guns. As far as protecting the rights of gun owners, they haven’t been the best organization at doing that in the last twenty years.

Do you remember back in the day when the 'Pubbies (on these boards and elsewhere) would be frothing at the mouth because Obama had (allegedly) dissed the military by looking at a Marine funny, or W&H Clinton had kinda maybe been somewhere near a failed real estate deal, and we used to take them seriously - as if these things actually bothered them?

I do, but only just.

Now when I hear the latest Republican hissyfit of the day I just laugh. They cannot, cannot seriously expect anyone, ever again, to believe for one moment that they actually care on any principled basis about minor alleged behavioural failings of US leaders.

But on the subject of the OP itself, do I understand correctly that the only reason LaPierre is talking about this subject at all (at a bankruptcy hearing) is because he is trying to justify his time spent on a yacht as being necessary for personal safety, when the accusation (and reality?) is that his time on a luxury yacht was an element of his corrupt conduct?

Hopefully in his exile he stocked up on candybeans.

BTW I just noticed that in my earlier post I unforgivably omitted the following: “Fuck You, LaPierre!”
My apologies.

Hiding on his yacht because he is afraid of guns? Shouldn’t they rescind his NRA membership? What a fucking coward.

Never underestimate the willful stupidity of people who watch Fox.

Basically. It’s part of the suit that NY AG Letitia James filed last year, alleging that LaPierre was using the NRA as his personal piggy bank, in violation of the group’s non-profit status. She says that she has regulatory and tax papers as well as witnesses which will support her claims of self-dealing, retaliatory threats and so on.

LaPierre (on his own recognizance, it should be pointed out, he didn’t discuss any of this with the NRA board) set up a shell company in Texas last January, then declared bankruptcy there, using the shell (Sea Girt) as it’s venue toehold. He’s doing that as a means to dip out on the New York suit (he’s openly admitted this and claims he’s doing it to escape a political witchhunt.) This is a hearing in Texas to see if the NRA’s bankruptcy can proceed and/or if it can get LaPierre out of the New York lawsuits. The NY AG is here in arguing in Texas (virtually) that a) the basis of her lawsuit is sound and she has him dead to rights and b) this is the rankest of bad faith venue shopping.

Here’s the Wapo on the subject:

The hearing follows a sweeping lawsuit last August from New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), in which she alleged that LaPierre and other top NRA executives took advantage of the group’s nonprofit status and diverted tens of millions of dollars to pay for their luxury lifestyles.

… snip …

Following the shootings in both Parkland and Newtown, “I was under all kinds of threats. I did not feel safe anywhere with myself or my family,” he said. “This was offered as a security retreat where we could be safe and feel safe.”

… snip …

Pressed by lawyers, LaPierre said he did not offer to pay for using the yacht and did not disclose it as a potential conflict of interest. He also acknowledged that his security director did not review the boat’s security measures or conduct background checks on the Illusion’s employees.

So LaPierre is trying to claim this was a legitimate security need for himself, as an NRA employee, and not a luxury get-away. But he didn’t take any actual security measures and he didn’t pay for it with NRA funds.

Meanwhile, as AGA Monica Connell said in her opening remarks:

Assistant Attorney General Monica Connell said in opening remarks that LaPierre’s use of “Illusions” was a clear conflict of interest and violation of rules surrounding the NRA’s nonprofit status. LaPierre did not disclose his free trips aboard the boat, owned by Hollywood producer David McKenzie. Meanwhile, the NRA continues to pay McKenzie $1 million a month for media projects, Connell said.

Just for the curious: here’s the yacht in question

Waitaminnit — I thought Newtown (at least) was a hoax and all the “victims” crisis actors. So he thought it necessary to hide from a hoax on a superyacht? What a … pansyass.

Oh, and: Fuck you, Wayne LaPierre!

Under threats from gun control activists and peaceniks. A LYING pansyass.

They might put him in the comfy chair, and even hit him with the soft pillows. The horror!