Can we have an SDMB Death Panel?

I just love the idea a waving a figurative torch and pitchfork around and screaming “Ban Them!”

I have some nominees, BTW.

We could call it Committee of Public Safety!

One caveat.

You have to either take the label of liberal or conservative. And a liberal can only vote to ban a conservative. Or visa versa. And a ban only results when a certain percentage of either population reaches a consensus.

Can we have an SDMB Death Panel?

We have one, it’s just that it’s located on a different board.

I see them as more Kervorkianesque. Assisted suicide Death Panel.

If it’s located here, we can consider it more an Autoerotic Asphyxiation Death Panel.

Would it go something like this documentary of ancient legal procedure?

Didn’t someone do a Pit thread like that a year or two ago?

At any rate, we advocate for people to be banned in the Pit all the time in various and sundry threads. I can’t see why an Omnibus thread would be against the rules.

Ban Oakminster! he turned me into a newt!

Does he weigh more than a duck?

Me neither.

You got better.

More than several ducks and a goose. :smiley:

Well, there you have it!

Shouldn’t there also be a thread where people are counseled on end-of-SDMB-membership issues, such as the need to have an advance directive in place to ensure that their wishes are clear (Do Not Suspend; Do Not Warn; or Take All Available Measures To Prolong Membership)?

You know, just so we can have an HONEST discussion about what’s actually being proposed…

Then, as the doctors say, transferred to the ECU (eternal care unit)

This lack of death panels is exactly why it costs so much for me to be here.


Had a relative undergoing a procedure. The doctor told him he might see a bright light. At which point I exclaimed to the relative “but don’t go towards it!”.

The doctor laughed. Then he said he had never heard that before. I found that hard to believe.

Rather than talk about it I took the bullshit by the horns and created it.

I say we Ban Boyo Jim first. That will greatly improve the board.

He’d come back as Boyo John.