Can we use "Quote Marks" in the subject line now?

I remember there used to be a small bug (a bugatelle?) in the SDMB where it interpreted “quote marks” differently from what we intended. It deleted the “quote marks” from the subject line along with all the text between them. So we kept seeing subject lines like:

What does mean?


Where did come from?

And then you’d have to go bother one of the Mods and make them replace the missing words. Wanted to start a thread that required “quote marks” in the subject line, but have held off, unsure whether it was safe or if the problem persisted. The subject line of this thread is itself an experiment and will answer my question immediately. Well, “here goes…”

<pumping fists>YES!!! :slight_smile:

This was actually fixed sometime several months ago, back while we were still using the old software. It may even have been before the Day of Truncation, but it tooks folks a little while to notice.

The technical term would be “bugette”, like a french pastry.

A bugatelle would be a cockroach that informs other roaches where the french pastry can be found.

Actually, I believe that it truncated all text after the first double quote, and only if you submitted from the preview page.

I’m just happy that you can use html escape sequences without previewing now.

The bug was apparently fixed in early October as shown here, here, here, and possibly here.

I summarized what was known about this bug and workarounds here.

Pray tell, what’s this “html escape sequence”?

html escape sequence: typing © to produce ©, for example. Arnold Winkelreid points out an essential use for them here:

Arnold provides a link to a full list a bit further down in that post.

You can also find one at

Ampersand itself has its own code: &