"just a test using quotes"

testing to see if putting quotes in the title works.

How’d you do that?

I just put quotes in the title. No big deal. Turns out the problem is not putting quotes in the title, it is keeping them in the title. I have seen other people say their title was truncated at the point they put quotes in it. That is why I tested here. Worked great. But when I created my actual thread I wanted to have quotes in, after I previewed it and was satisfied, I submitted the thread and got an error that said I had to have both a subject and a title. WTF I thought, I had put both, but when checked, the title field was blank. So you can put quotes in your title, but if you preview it truncates everything from the first quote on. So instead I paged back to my original page and then previewed/back paged/modified/previewed/back paged … etc until I was ready to submit and then back paged to the first page and submitted and everything was fine.

**wow is this fun tory


So, basically, don’t Preview if you want your quotation marks in the title to live? Should this be put in the vB FAQ, or is it a bug that will hopefully be dealt with someday?

I don’t know, Duck Duck Goose, I like to think that this “feature” will stay throughout the lifespan on vBulletin, something for the oldtimers to talk about, and also something to help recognize the true vBulletin software (similar to made-up streets or towns on maps to prevent copyright violations.)

In 50 years we’ll count the number of times the question “Why was my post title truncated?” was asked, and we’ll all have a good laugh. Then a poster will say “I was the first one to ever ask that”, someone else will disagree, the discussion will be moved to the pit, and we’ll have another scandal of epic proportions to set the Internet wires humming.

I have no idea what they vB’s plans for this one are. I posted this to the “Bug Report” section of their own board and someone over there moved it the “Testing” forum. I guess I’m just supposed to go over and keep testing until I find it corrected. Maybe I’ll just start a new thread each day over there.

Don’t mind me…just checking to see if my new sig line looks okay.

eeegggh…just practicing

Is there ever a problem?


** E V E R Y B O D Y!!!**

UncleBeer says it’s OK to post a new thread everyday if your question is not answered to your satisfaction!


:stuck_out_tongue: [sub]While I’m at it.[/sub]

You don’t really wanna do that, do you? As you can see, I can jump inside your post and make you look foolish.

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OK fine I give up already.

UncleBeer posted:

I know that I should feel indignation; I should feel violated.

Instead I feel elated… honored really.

Here, Unc. :: passing over a Boulevard:: Thanks for paying attention!

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UncleBeer- Did you modify a lot of the posts in this thread?
It read different yesterday when I was here.

Every time I post, it drops the " in my screen name, so I have to post again.

The second time it works, though. I may try Preview to see if that helps at all.

I hope so, I just picked this name, I’m not ready to change it.