Can you corrupt your sims?

I have this family of sims that I made, I named them Insane and Crazy Serialkiller. I used them to invite people over(with the teleporter) and kill them off somehow, We have killed lots of townies. Something Strange started happening though. Whenever I play with another family in their neighborhood they come over, and someone dies. Every single time. If I don’t let them in the house, they go away but then come back for in a couple hours. If I let them in, someone in the house dies. Today my nieces were playing with a family they crated and Mr and Mrs Serialkiller came over and the whole famiy died. I find that bit weird. Did I somehow warp my sims? They don’t do anything, They just hang out, and then someone drops dead. Anyone eer have this problem? (I also made sure there aren’t any guinee pigs)

Acctually, that is really creepy… You’ve created a monster! Just pray that they don’t find their way out of the computor!


wow. my sims never kill anyone. they just have lots of affairs (and all of my sims somehow ended up bisexual).

are you using just the regular game or have you added expansion packs?

I am using the regular game although I have Hot date as well, i went to their house and tried to lock them in a room, but they always manage to get back into the graveyard, these guys are seriousl jacked up.

<woodsy the sim>
Remember only You can kill sims…then blame it on other sims.
</woodsy the sim>