Can you fart through your dick?

Suppose you are a diabetic, and are putting out excess glucose in your urine.

Let’s also suppose you have some kind of yeast infection in your bladder.

Could the yeast ferment enough glucose to produce an…expressable…quantity of carbon dioxide?

Is the plumming capable of producing gas?

Apparently, this was one of the side-effects of my dad’s hernia, before he had it fixed.

that sounds… uncomfortable…

Pneumaturia (air in the urinary tract) is almost always the result of an unnatural communication between said tract and the GI tract, or vaginal canal.

In grade school we called this a “shlombie.” It was right around when we learned “queef.”

Oddly enough, just last week we just did a Gastroview enema on a fellow that had this exact condition: a colovesicular fistula.

I believe this condition is most often the result of radiation therapy to the immediate area.

As for the OP…I’ve never heard of it originating from a diabetic source.

Ugh. I really *really *wanted the answer to this to be No. I shouldn’t have gambled on opening the damn thread. Would you please take that question back?

In that case they could get shit in their dick too. Right?

Where do you think lawyers come from?

Y’know, I could have sat down and thought about stuff for some time. Just sitting around and thinking about stuff. And I’m pretty sure it would have taken a loong long time to come up with the OP’s question.

Some nights I find that I was happier with my ignorance.


“We will fight your ignorance even if we have to hold you down and blow dickfarts in your face!”

I really really wish I hadn’t checked back into this thread. I have a mental image of a cartoony elephant sneezing through his trunk at some poor guy on the ground. The trunk has single-node waves rippling through it from the force of the air currents.

Now replace trunk with penis. Gah! Dickfart was not a word I wanted to see today. Or ever, really.

runs off to develop memory-loss technology, or find a rufie, whichever comes first

I am in tears you dickfart

I think this thread will top the pan-fried semen one. The mind boggles.

You know what’s even more mind-boggling? Someday there will be a thread to top this one.

I’m not sure which surprises me more, the fact that someone came up with this question, or the fact that the answer is yes.

What… a silent but breadly?

How DMark plans to carve a niche out to find work in this struggling economy:

“Hey guys, wanna see a neat trick with a condom? Watch! And then you can tie a bunch of them together and make balloon animals at parties…”

I was keeping it together until you said it, now I’ve just had to bury my head in my arm under my desk for the last 10 seconds.

My coworker are looking at me funny. It’s hard to silently stifle laughter.
Can we change the SDMB slogan to this:
“We will fight your ignorance even if we have to hold you down and blow dickfarts in your face!”
That’s a petition I’d sign.