can you freeze cake batter?

I’m not much of a baker, so I have no idea if this is possible! On Thursday night, I plan to make molten lava cake from a mix for Valentine’s Day - I only need enough for 2 servings. Will I be able to freeze the remainder for a later date? If I remember correctly, the mix calls for butter and eggs.


Not 100% sure about this, but you’re probably better off making the whole thing and either eating, gifting or freezing the (baked) leftovers.

Probably not. Baking powder is moisture activated, and the generated gas will migrate out of the batter, even when frozen, and the cake will bake flat.

There are some raising agents that are heat activated, so would be a better choice. But I don’t know what they are and whether you can use them in cakes.


No…raw eggs do not freeze well. Make the whole cake and send me the leftovers.

Heh thanks guys, it’s molten lava cake, so leftovers or gifting isn’t a great option. I will 1/4 the recipe, fill up two ramekins and pitch the rest, I don’t really need tons of leftover chocolate cake lying around the house.

:eek: Does…not…compute…

Heh, I’ve posted about it before - I was obese for 20 years and successfully lost 70 lbs and have kept it off for 3 years. I definitely want to have molten lava cake in my life, but 1 serving is the perfect amount :slight_smile:

If you’d have frozen the batter to use at a later time, you might also consider using just a portion of the mix now, and putting the rest in a ziploc bag for the same later time rather than ditching it. On the other hand, I applaud your self-restraint on the chocolate cake front.

If you do plan to use just a quarter of the mix, make sure it looks very homogeneous before you start using it, or consider resifting it together. In some mixes, different ingredients will settle in not very obvious layers in the package, so the top layer might be mainly flour while the baking soda is mostly somewhere down the bottom.

Also, be careful about baking times if you’re putting it in small ramekins, rather than a full cake pan. It will need less time.

Plus, if you (or the eater of the other serving) work in any kind of office setting, co-workers are often a great way of getting rid of excess baked goods and at the same time gaining, um, brownie points.

The recipe calls for ramekins, so hopefully it will be okay. The recipe is for molten lava cake, it has to be served immediately, so leftovers for others (which would definitely be my usual plan) isn’t really an option!

Thanks for the advice to sift it! I think I’ll just make the batter as directed (I might end up wasting a few eggs), fill the 2 ramekins and then dump the rest.