Can You Get a 'Paid' Twitter Account?

I know you can get a paid just-about-everything-else on the internet. But first a little background.

I seem to have reached the limit of people I can follow on Twitter. It was really fun at first. I just followed anyone and everyone who Tweeted or followed me. Then it can time to pay the piper. I reached the limit of people I could follow. And so I had to un-follow a few hundred people, just to make space in my account. (Something I really detested. I know I would be insulted, if someone suddenly un-followed me. But as I tweeted them, I really had no choice.)

Anyways, as I am new to Twitter, I am still getting some of the bugs worked out. Back to my question: Can you get a bigger, paid-for Twitter account? (I’ll probably find out sooner or later anyways. But maybe someone else on these boards has a similar question.)


No, there’s no paid Twitter Account, at least according to twitter:

Unless they check, I don’t think people know when they’ve been un-followed.
And, as the rules quoted by Naita say, to be able to follow more people, you have to get more people following you…

Any chance you might want to respond to your other Twitter thread from a few weeks ago?

I don’t know if the same is true of Twitter, but on Instagram, you can download an app that allows you to know who stops following you. It’s very helpful if you have a professional account.

On a related note, one of my gf’s nephews just got a job with a MLB team working on their Facebook page and Twitter feed. Pretty cool job for a guy with an interest in sports broadcasting.

He’s reached the limits of threads he can respond to. :wink:

Not sure if it’s a website or an app but you can definitely do something similar with twitter: some people obsessively post their follow/unfollow counts.

Well, you all want me to conserve on starting new threads. And I do have one more question.

Please don’t laugh when you hear this one: Now, are there a limited number of tweets you can send? Remember, I said don’t laugh:).


No, no limit.

You can send 1000 tweets per day. There may be hourly limits.

My bad, but that link appears out of date. Here’s the relevant twitter support page: