Can you get a tracking number?

I have a friend who ordered a product online. The business seemed to be unscrupulous because this friend never got the product. But that business said that they looked up the UPS tracking number and it says it was signed for. They still have not responded with the tracking number and she (my friend) really wants it. Without them giving the number to her is there any way to retreive the tracking number?

The vendor/shipper has to supply the tracking number. UPS will not supply same.
If you think about it they too trace shipments using the tracking number and cannot or will not search the data base for the addressee even if it is searchable. Only possible exception might be in answer to a court order for criminal/drug activity.
The only other possibility is that someone else signed for it and ran.
Sorry your friend got scammmed.

Your friend might want to inform the vendor that she will not pay (or will cancel the credit transaction) without evidence of delivery. Give them a short deadline.

They should give her the tracking number at that point. Look at the Fedex (UPS?) site and read the results carefully. A funny address, date, signature, town, package weight or whatever, and she tells them that there is no proper evidence of delivery.

Taking their word for it is not the same as scrutinizing the evidence (if any) herself.

If I were in her position, I would call the company, ask one more time for the tracking number, or at least WHO signed for it (they did say it was signed for, right). If nothing, that would leave two options (other then the BBB option). 1)Call UPS, tell them the story, probably won’t get you anywhere, but worth a shot. 2)If it was paid for by credit card, call the CC company and ask to have the charges reversed since you never received the product.