How do I track a package with a "Fedex Ship Manager Label" number?

I recently ordered a package from a company out in California that gave me a “Fedex Ship Manager Label” number for package tracking. It is 55012411000XXXX (the last four digits have been replaced with X’s). does not seem to recognize this is as a standard tracking number. Anyone know how I can go about tracking this thing?

It’s possible that it just hasn’t entered their database yet, but usually when that’s the case I get a message that says “Billing Information Received”, or something like that. This number just comes up as unrecognized.

Most FedEx tracking numbers I’ve seen begin with a zero. Since your number has 15 digits that FedEx uses, I’d suggest substituting a 0 for the first 5 and see what happens.

Try plugging the number on its own into Google.

FWIW, packages on my FedEx account have tracking numbers that begin with a 6.

When was the package shipped? The info’s probably just not out to the public-accessible tracking system. A package that I prepared and dropped off last night is in that gray area - the number comes up in Google as a FedEx tracking number, but FedEx tells me “no information” even though I’d like to think it’s been scanned at least once, and on a truck.

I just checked, and it does show up now, almost 48 hours after it was actually shipped.