Can you help identify this early 90's band/video

Hi all,

One of my friends apparently needs to identify a late 80’s / early 90’s band. He’s got some facts and I’m turning to the teeming millions to help …

So we know the rough timeframe, it’s probably a UK band they definitely charted in the UK at least once. One of the music videos has the lead singer underwater (in a big tank of water?) with electrodes attached to his body.

It was an electronic/rave band but more on the soothing side than the thumpa-thumpa side. Lead singer has long hair which he has since cut.

Sorry this is all very vague but I’m reproducing this all from what I was told – I’ve done some googling (to the point of finding strange underwater fetish type sites !) and can’t really come up with it. I’m hoping someone here will remember it and go “Yup, I know that!”.

Thanks all.


Do you remember any lyrics? Even a sentence could be helpful. Why am I thinking New Order?

Sorry no lyrics, it sounds like the sort of thing New Order might do but I can’t bring any particular video to mind.

For some reason I first though Suede but that doesn’t seem to fit either.

The Cafe society might be a better place to post this question. They seem to know all about music videos, lyrics and such.

I have no idea, but I swear that “New Order” came into my mind while reading the OP, before I read any of the replies.

Duran Duran - Wild boys. This had the lead singer attatched to a windmill type thing and every time it went around he got immersed upside down in a tank of water, don’t think this is it though.

The beloved - Hello


Moving to Cafe Society.

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