Get to Know Some New Music

Here’s how it works, post a not well-known band and (if possible) a link to one of their songs or videos and what type of music they make. I know this seems corny and has probable been done before(don’t know how to search) but if people join in, it’ll work. I’ll start.

Band: Tesla(no one i know has heard of 'em)
Recomended Song: Paradise
Genre: Rock

Band: Volbeat
starts out sounding country but turns into some seriously kick ass metal!

band: clutch
also metal (hmm, is it obvious I like my metal!)

how old (young) are they that they don’t know Tesla??

feeling old now

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Ellen Cherry

Japanese band, downy.

You can order their CDs from Amazon Japan. In the upper right is an option for “In English” to convert the site over, then just search for “downy”.

band: Mike Garvan Group

The Mike Garvan Group “Havana Nights”

genre: Latin Jazz

Song: Cuba Libre

band: Isis
Genre: Metal, with sort of an atmospheric sound. Growly, incomprehensible lyrics, but they’re not belched out violently like some.

Clutch, Tesla and Volbeat? ROCK ON!

Band: Fever Ray
When I Grow Up
Haunting, ambient, psychedelic music. Very un-metal.

Band: Mills Blue Rhythm Band
Genre: Big Band Swing
Title: Dancing Dogs
Remarks: Yeah, it’s 75 years old. So?

Oddly enough I just came across them for the first time a couple of days ago, and spent some time browsing them on youtube. They’re definitely metal, but the videos also give off a feel of, I dunno, hillbilly metal?

People don’t know Clutch nor Tesla? I feel old and confused.

Cancer Bats - Punk? Metal? I don’t know but they rock live, lots of energy.

No kidding – my friends and I loved Tesla in junior high and high school – even saw them live when they opened for Poison. Damn, I’m old! (The Great Radio Controversy is on my short list of most sublime glam rock albums, along with Dr. Feelgood. Hairy, glammy, decadent perfection from start to finish!)

Anyway, here’s my contribution:

Band: Земфира (Zemfira)
Song: параноя (Paranoia)
Genre: Rock (Russian)

Blue Sky Project: Pirates

You might recognize this as the music behind a popular television commercial.

Sarah Fimm
Let it Run
Indie female singer-songwriter. Her earlier stuff was more downtempo trip hop, her newer stuff much less so.

Fever Ray! I like it. But I have to admit, I like The Knife more. I like that Sarah Fimm song too. I’m intrigued by downy too. I might have to listen to them more when I’m more in the mood.

My musical taste has started going all weird lately. But if I absolutely had to recommend something pretty obscure right now, I’d go with…

Yura Yura Teikoku (ゆらゆら帝国), “Sweet Surrender” (I think it’s the DFA remix)

Sorry for the bizarre video! Maybe this is what Japanese people watch when they get high.:o

O’Death were the first ones that came to mind that I could find a good video of, so here’s Lowtide. Genre? Fuck knows, something grotesque folk-bluegrassy perhaps. Come for the psychotic fiddling, stay for the southern Gothic themes!

Nuther furriner fer yas. Good rhythm, richly layered, meditative, sexy voice.

Artist: The Idan Raichel Project
Song: Mima’amakim (Out of the Depths)
Genre: Israeli/Ethiopian fusion

Artist: Ralph Buckley
Song: Morning Star
Genre: Creepy and weird, yet catchy

Artist: Gitogito Hustler
Song: Muscle Body Ecstasy
Genre: Japanese all-girl Power-Pop-Punk - catchy as hell