Can you identify this film?

I’m watching late-night Belgian TV and catch about half of a moderately gruesome film. Unfortunately I doze off before the final credits. Nothing came to light on IMDB. Here’s what I remember:

  • a group of attractive teenagers turn up in a small US town
  • before I started watching, they had apparently taken drugs and rescued an attractive older woman from some problem (road accident?)
  • they are gradually captured by a devil worship cult, including a ‘priest’, local shopkeepers and the aforementioned older woman
  • a couple of teenagers are tied to an ‘altar’ and sacrificed to the Devil in a large red barn, before one ‘left-for-dead’ teen rescues the others

Have at it, Dopers!

Can you make guess as to what timeframe/decade it’s from?

Could it have been “House of 1000 Corpses”?

Don’t remember the movie all that well, but the plot sounds similar.

It had the air of a US film (US actors + settings).
However it wasn’t a big budget (I didn’t recognise any actors and there were no expensive locations or effects.)
Not many clues from the fashion - perhaps 70s?

Sorry I can’t do better, but I was half-asleep.

It’s a similar film, but there were three sets of teenage victims. Also the theme was devil worship and human sacrifice, not serial killing.

I have a vague memory that two of the female teen actresses had the same surname - ‘Lyon’.

Unfortunately my hotel picks up Belgian, UK, French, Italian and Dutch TV channels, so it could have been any of those (which makes it tricky to look up TV listings…

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and one of the experts posited that it might be “Devil’s Prey” (2001). The IMDB entry doesn’t have a lot of info, but the user comments on might give you a better idea if this is it:

Devil’s Prey is also what I came up with. The movie has a group of teens fleeing murderous Satanists who prowl raves looking for victims, a wounded woman on the roadside, a town called Howards Point, a helpful minister, and a doubting sheriff.

Earl (may I call you ‘snake-hips’?) - you’ve nailed it! :cool:

Walloon, thank you too. :slight_smile: