Can You Identify This Song...With A Twist...

I heard a bright, bouncy song one day at an outdoor mall and recognized the melody as an old Addams Family/Vic Mizzy music cue. It was sung by a woman but I couldn’t make out any of the words.

Now, I’ve got the melody for you all to listen to. I took it off an episode of the show. It’s in mp3 format and 127kbs so it shouldn’t take long to download. Just ignore the laugh track and other clutter and focus on the tune.

Again, I’m looking for the song that has this as the melody:

Addams Family Tune

If it doesn’t play automatically in your browser, try right-clicking “Save Target As.”

It sounds a little bit like the Muppet Show theme. (It’s time to raise the curtain. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started on the muppet show tonight…) I think it’s actually a little different from that, so you could try googling for “muppet theme tune” “other songs” or something…

The song is “In the Middle, in the Middle, in the Middle,” composed by Vic Mizzy. The melody was used in a public-service announcement in the seventies with a lyric that began:

"Don’t cross the street
In the middle, in the middle,
In the middle, in the middle,
In the middle of the block . . . "

They Might Be Giants covered this song in their children’s album NO!, released last year. It is sung by guest artist Robin “Goldie” Goldwasser. I’ll bet that that was the recording you heard at the mall the other day.

SnugTheJoiner, you’re exactly right! That’s the tune! A million thanks!

You’re welcome!