Can you post Presidential election ads for me?

I’m in the bluest city of the bluest state. We are not being overrun by political ads. In fact, I have not seen any ads. Not a single one. I was wondering if you guys can post links to them here. Maybe tell me if they are official campaign ads or PAC ads and what you think of them. And also, what state you’re in.

So far I’ve heard of one Clinton ad about having to watch your children watching Trump. At least, that’s the gist I’m getting. Have not heard of any Trump ads yet. I understand he may be a little strapped for cash but surely there are GOP and/or PAC ads. I’m sure we’ll get ads sooner or later but I’d still like to know what you all think.

Here’s the Clinton ad you were mentioning:

Well now. That was really good. Except I’m thinking of interviews I saw the other day on NBC Nightly News with Ohio voters. All but the black guy said they are voting for Trump. One deli worker stood out to me.

Interviewer: Why are you voting for Donald Trump.
Deli guy: Because he’s just like me.
Interviewer: But he’s a billionaire.
Deli guy: He. . . he’s just like me. . …

And in my head I thought “A bigot? An idiot? A white man?”

That commercial will probably put people like this even more in Trump’s camp. The question Clinton puts to America at the end of the commercial about the choices we make now will impact our children later will have them running make sure that white Christian men will keep shit just the way they like it.

Wow. What a thought provoking commercial!

I’m in Ohio and that HRC “children listening” ad is the only one I’ve seen so far on television. I’m also in Columbus which is a Democratic Party city (Democratic Party mayor for last 15 years and newly elected mayor is a Democrat too).

Once you get outside the major cities in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati) you get very rural and conservative. You have really significant differences between urban and rural Ohio. My in-laws who live in rural Ohio are convinced beyond any reasoning that the country is in a state of anarchy and Trump is the last chance to save us all. They can’t actually show you any evidence of said anarchy besides “What I saw on the news (Fox)…” or “What was posted on Facebook (memes)…”.

This is a Clinton Super PAC ad I’ve seen running in Colorado:

Real Quotes from Donald Trump About Women

I’d gladly forward to you all the phone calls and robo-calls I receive . . . more than a dozen a day, already. Caller ID is my friend.

I’m in a battleground part of Florida (Tampa Bay) and we’ve gotten a bunch. I’ve only seen a couple of PAC ads supporting Trump and one that’s anti-Hillary right now. It’s obvious that Hillary and her PACs are far outspending him here. I think Trump has probably already been defined to voters here as a worthless pile of crap. There were a couple of Hillary PAC ads before the conventions featuring him mocking that disabled reported juxtaposed against this little girl in a wheelchair. In my opinion, those were truly devastating to his character, worse than the one where the children are watching. I can only imagine the ads they come up with that feature the Khans.

This is one of those ads:

Hmmm. . . The other ad works much better because we actually get to see Trump make an ass of himself. Still, it is fun seeing him get hung by his own words.

ETA: The seeing Trump also works with the child with the disability.

We live in the same area and I’m not getting too many, but I am getting some maybe 3-4 a day. I have a land line. My parents are the same age (and skin color) as you and they are getting more than a dozen a day, too.

I wonder if it’s JUST age or if there is more to it, like voting history or income or something.

ETA: I’ve only seen the HRC “Trump/Children” ad, myself, here in the Cleveland area. I have seen some senator ads, though. I like when they come right out and say they are going to repeal Obamacare. Makes it easy to know who not to vote for.