Can you really find girls like this in small towns and rural areas?

girls who look like they’re full of whimsy and daydream about fanciful reveries , who go barefoot and pick flowers and wear cute dresses?

I lived in Iowa for a couple of years. They made me leave because I lacked whimsy.

Why would they be daydreaming about daydreams?

Yes, it’s because they’re bored out of their minds, so they’ve decided to daydream about daydreamy things, somebody get those ladies TV and an Xbox! :cool:

I asked the same question in another forum, and a few posters said you’re more likely to find these girls in cities, because they’re hipsters.

Nay, you can not. But they can find you.

They probably won’t, though.

So, uh, what exactly is your story with the hipsters and the girls and the questions on the forums?

Seriously, what is your deal.

Yes, girls in ‘small towns and rural areas’ have the internet too. They are aware of how to look cute and trendily old-fashioned.

I just showed a pic of that girl and asked the same question. She looks like the type of girl that would be into fantasy (not high fantasy, which I’m not into, but more into the Alice in Wonderland, Lud in the Mist, type of fantasy full of whimsy, faerie, castles in the sky, myths and folklore). Without even bringing the word or idea up, they called her a hipster.

This looks like the opposite of a hipster to me. So charmingly serene and pastoral.

If girls like these are to be found in small towns, then I just might transfer to a college in one. Can’t find them in the cities.

Well, they are found at modeling/ad agencies in rural states. :wink:

I’ll be like the millionth poster to reiterate the question about what the rationale behind your obsession with “hipsters” is. It’s really fucking creepy.

So THAT explains why old-fashioned small town girls have portfolios…

What does that have to do with this thread? This girl isn’t a hipster

Marilyn Monroe came from a small town in South Dakota. Any given location is as stastically equally likely to have hot and/or quirky girls as any other.

In the Age of the Internet, anyone anywhere can see and replicate looks and behaviors from anywhere else.

She looks clinically depressed, to me.

Small town America is full of girls who like whimsy and wear cute dresses. Of course, most of them get thell out when they graduate high school, so you’d better hurry.

Well done for not using the word “hipster” in the OP at least.

And you either have a fixation bordering on the pathological, or you’re pulling our legs.

Because you have an obsession. Branch out man. Get a hobby. One that doesn’t involve asking us every other day what we think about some girl playing a guitar or blowing bubbles in her back yard.

I agree. And I’ll tell you now, that girl has absolutely no interest in meeting you. What is the motivation for your questions?

I half expect his next question to be “Is she a goer?”