Can you recognize this gummi bear mosaic?

Tis the only birthday gift I could think of for a friend with everything. Grrr. I’m trying to decide if it’ll elicit a “wtf?” or “oh, cool!” reaction.

I’ll solicit a few responses and take down the picture on the slim chance he’ll stumble into the SDMB… do you recognize what the subject of the below mosaic is?

Please post within spoiler boxes!

A dog looking up at the viewer with its head cocked?

I had to look for a long time (and squint) to see that though. What should it look like?

showed it to a friend, they said:

gummi goatse


You got it. It’s this person’s dog. Presumably, hopefully, he’ll have an easier time recognizing his own dog. Let’s see if others get it…

goatse? Goku? ROTFLMAO!!! I love you guys! Damn! That’s some creativity! :wink:

I’m not sure it’s creativity as much as a lack of seeing, well, anything.

Do you have a pic of the dog for reference?

Yeah, here you go: Original Pic

I couldn’t figure it out, and posted the link in the IRC channel I frequent, and got these responses:

<generica> i can’t figure it out, i keep seeing, like, a dog with a bandito eye patch on
<V_Joe> heh
<dani> sumo?
<echobunny> santa battling a horde of bats?
<echobunny> on a mountain?
<squid> a bunch of gummi bears
<echobunny> and his hat blew off
<V_Joe> All I see is a dog now
<squid> if anything i see a profile of a guy with a moustache

And I completely forgot to spoiler box my response. :smack:


Damn you, Generica. Even if I do wind up tossing this, reading the guesses alone makes it all worthwhile. :smiley:

guesses before looking at the original picture
Is it Lucy from Peanuts?

looks at picture

…Wow, I was way the hell off.

I saw

A long haired muscle-bound guy wearing an orange speedo and orange armband, with his right foot propped on some imaginary thing (rock? whatever), his left hip jutted jauntily out. His right arm casually leans on the right knee like a Sears male underwear model and his left arm is pointing at you like an Uncle Sam recruitment poster. Oh, and he has a goatee.

Yes, I’m serious that that’s what I saw. I still see that more easily than I do the real image.

That is so cool! You should put the original picture as a lid to the gummi bear mosaic in the pan.

Alright. So the evidence’s strictly on the “WTF” side. (No offense taken; in fact, I’ve not LOLed this much in a while :smiley: ) Before I toss it… I swapped a few bears around and added my own embellishments to make it, well, more recognizable. One last try, any improvement?:

The second one’s a definite improvement.

My guess for the first one was Fat Elvis. You know, when he was wearing the white jumpsuits and playing Vegas?

Oh, man, maybe it’s because I knew what I was looking at, but I don’t think so. That is far more clear.

Oh, Thank Og. You have no idea how hard it was to think up this gift! Comparing the two pictures, yeah, the first one was a POS. I’ll go ahead and take the pics down; thank y’all for your honest input. (The first one was generated using a pixelation filter in an image editing program)

So what now, off to the store for gummi bears, followed by an all-night assembly session?

Unfortunately, not needed… I way overestimated the gummi bears needed to assemble a cookie sheet full. Bought 5 lbs (!). I’ve got over 4# left still. Could do another one easy, but that’d go from the “aww, she’s thoughtful & she might like me” territory to the “damn, she’s obsessing on me” territory. In any case, I’m going to go with the 2nd one–if he likes me too, well, he better get used to the odd ways I show appreciation. :wink:

but I’m just rambling. Meh. Thanks kaylasdad99. If you were further up I’d offer you the leftover gummi bears. :smiley: