What Is The Worst Representation Of A Cartoon Animal

I was watching “Rocky & Bullwinkle” and I was looking at the crude drawings and noting how that works for the series and that fact that Bullwinkle still is identifable as a moose and Rocky as a squirrel.

But I got to thinking what other cartoons have been, through the years, where you have looked at the cartoon character and said “What animal is that supposed to be.”

To me Arthur of the show “Arthur” looks nothing like an aardvark. Someone explained to me in the original books he looked like one but that later on changed.

I remember once when I worked in Florida, someone asked me “What is Goofy? A cow?” I remember thinking “A COW???”

I also realize this is subjective

I can see where there would be confusion. Compare Goofy to Clarabelle or, for that matter, Horace. There are a lot of simularities between what are supposedly three different species.

That’s an aardvark? I always thought he was supposed to be a mouse!

this includes an image of the original Arthur

Jessica Rabbit is by far the worst representation of a rabbit.

An awesome representation of a beaver though.

Stimpy of Ren & Stimpy

No - her *last name *was Rabbit, 'cause she was married to Roger. Sheesh…


It’s particularly confusing when he’s out walking Pluto.

Née “Harlot.”

My mom likes to point out that Sonic doesn’t look the least bit like a hedgehog. I know she’s right but I can’t help feeling that she’s missing the point.

Another vote for “Whatever the hell Goofy is.”

Actually, I kind of got straight in my head when I read “Wicked.” In Oz, it seems, there are animals and Animals. The capitalized version are sentient and can communicate. So I figure Pluto is a dog and Goofy is a Dog.

The first thing I thought of was Goofy and, even more, Disney’s Beagle Boys.

I remember a comedy bit where the guy says, “I asked a friend, ‘How come Goofy owns a dog named Pluto when Goofy is a dog?’ and he said, ‘Dude, Goofy isn’t a dog, he’s a COW!’, and I’m like ‘Wow! That makes so much more sense!’”

Conversation about Goofy in the movie Stand by Me:

I asked my two-year-old what Mickey was; he’s a mouse, she replied. I then asked her about Donald; he’s a duck. Pluto, she assured me, is a dog.

I asked her about Goofy.

“Goofy’s a goofy.”

Mickey wouldn’t be recognizable, either, if he weren’t so ingrained into our consciousness. Seriously, no animal has ears like that.

Even more than Goofy, though, I’m going to have to nominate Taz, who looks nothing at all like a real Tasmanian devil. My understanding is that they designed the character first, and then went looking for an exotic real-world animal that eats rabbits.

Oh, and according to Cecil, Goofy is a dawg, while Pluto is a dog.

Taz the Tasmanian Devil.

Well, since Tangent stole my answer, I gotta go with Disney’s Black Pete. Every DISNEY couldn’t decide if he’s supposed to be a cat or a dog.

She’s not bad - she’s just drawn that way. :wink: