Can you see the interrobang‽

In Mozilla under Linux, this character is the interrobang: ‽

Does it show up for anyone else‽ Is this in the wrong forum‽ Will the mods move me for using this punctuation mark too goddamned many times‽


All I see is a square box.

Er… well it looks the same in Netscape as it does in Mozilla, but that’s no surprise. But to me, it just looks like a stylized question mark, unless I enlarge the text a lot, and I can see it’s a ! melded with a ?. (I’m in Windows 2000.)

What possible use could that be? :smiley:

Mac OS X and IE 5.0 here. I see a normal question mark.

Guess it didn’t work in the title, either. :wink:

Well, I can see the interrobang, under Mozilla and also under Galeon (which uses Mozilla rendering), but not Konqueror. I doubt you’ll see widespread support for it anywhere other than Mozilla, which is a shame.

I’m in Opera 7.0, and all I see is a square box as well.

Just a square box in IE 6.0.

What’s an “interrobang”?

Interrobang explained.

Under Mozilla for Macintosh, I see a question mark, which is, of course, almost right. But that’s probably coincidental: I think that a question mark is Mozilla’s default for a character it doesn’t recognize.

I have a bit of history with the interrobang, but I won’t bore you with it here. Rather unpleasent, actually, though that wasn’t the interrobang’s fault.


I see a space, and a question mark beside it.

IE 6.0 and Mac OSX(I believe).

Interestingly, I see a box with a " inside. Mac OS X running OmniWeb, for some reason.

Aw, come on, Chronos. I wanna know!

(Just testing to see if C&Ping the code in the title will put the character in a post.)

(Yep. Iff you can see the character in the post, you can use the code in the title to put it in any post.)

(Iff == `If and only if.’ It’s not a typo. :))

I see fields of green…

Strawberry fields forever? Fields of gold?

Seriously though… all I see is a square box… Internet Explorer 4.0


(seriously, I was kinda hoping someone would ask)

Ninth grade English class. I wasn’t doing so well, and I knew it. One day, the teacher drew a character on the board, and told us all that if we could identify the character by the next day, he’d give that person an automatic A. Actually, he gave us three days, but it was on a Thursday, and knowing Brother Joe, I knew that he didn’t mean “three class days”. Well, that afternoon after school, I stopped in to confirm it with him. “Br. Joe,” I said, “About that symbol you asked us to identify today… Could I get something in writing, about you giving us an automatic A for identifying it?”

“Come on, Dan,” he said, “I’m a brother! Would I lie to you? Take my word on it.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that, and so I went home and started digging. After about a half-hour with Merriam-Webster and a good bit of luck, I managed to determine that that glyph was known as an interrobang. Not wanting to lose on a technicallity, I typed up a nice couple of paragraphs naming the character and describing its usage, and turned it in the next day. Whereupon Br. Joe, and the rest of the class, proceeded to laugh at me. “Surely, you realized that was just a joke! Of course I’m not going to give you an A for that! Everyone else in the class knew I was joking, why didn’t you?”

Getting kicked out of that school was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I’m pretty sure that Br. Joe had a big part in making that happen. Thanks, Brother!

I see… four boxes!

Funny, Chronos, funny. Bro. Joe should feel bad. It’s things like that that drive people away from punctuation. :slight_smile: