Can you tell me about these newfangled Sonic Toothbrushes?

Sonic means Coneys, tater tots and Slushies.

Wait! There’s a Sonic toothbrush now? I want to learn more.

First, which brand is the front-runner and which are the copycats? Pursonic, Philips Sonicare or Oral B Pulsonic? Amazon sells all three.

How does this gizmo work? You like it?

Seriously, dental plaque is giving me more and more problems. I used to get yearly cleanings. Now I get them every 6 months and still have a lot of plaque. I went 9 years without a cavity and suddenly I got three in a 2 year period. Will this sonic toothbrush help?

Phillips is probably the standard. I have one, but I stopped using it due to expense of the refill brushes and switched to a Spinbrush. My hygienist noticed the difference – the Spinbrush did a better job (probably because I used it longer).

The first few days, it feels very weird, but once your gums toughen up a bit, it does a good job of cleaning. The best thing is the timer – it goes off after two minutes, so you don’t quit early.

I quit early. Two minutes is a long time for brushing.

My dentist is pretty wild about the Oral B one right now. Used to be Sonicare but they like that one better.

I have had a Sonicare for a few years and I looooove it (I grew up with pretty bad teeth, and this thing has helped halt the decline of my mouth. Haven’t had a new cavity in years and my cleanings at the dentist take 15 minutes.)

I still use the Oral B electric toothbrush my grandmother got me when I was like 10. It signals after every thirty seconds so you know to switch quadrants of your mouth.

Honestly, I have no business having teeth as good as I have, considering my dental hygiene. I’ve had one cavity in my life, when I was like 13. But every time I go to the dentist, they are impressed. It’s because of that toothbrush. They really do a bang-up job.

Feels weird and abrasive in the beginning…but than you get used to it and can’t imagine using a manual brush…I had to have my gums scraped at my dental visit 2 years ago…to the tune of $200.00+ dollars out of pocket…after I bought and used the brush…not any problems!! Once u try it, you will NOT go back to a manual toothbrush!!

I would say that the standard goes, philipps, sonicare, oral-b. That’s just from experience and not a dentists recommendation. One thing I can say is that I will never move back to a manual toothbrush. I bought my last Oral-B toothbrush at Macy’s, and have just replaced the heads as I go along every so often. Best toothbrushes ever!

Soniccare I believe was the forerunner

Yes I usually take the 2 minutes if I get there as a warning that I’m brushing too much and going beyond this point may now start wearing the good stuff off :smiley:

(OK not really concerned about overbrushing past the 2, but yes I do use it as a upper limit time to stop for the few times I get that far)