Can your appetite reset?

I am in the habit of eating randomly through the day. I’m not hungry, but I feel like I should eat a small bit for the heck of it.
Last weekend I spent somewhere and ate much less often…
Now, this morning I had a peanut butter sandwich, and now I have consumed half of a McChicken and I’m stuffed.
This is a good thing. My waist has actually gone down an inch…
Is eating intermittently a good thing?
The trick is to keep busy so I don’t just nibble out of boredom

Assuming you’re otherwise healthy, you haven’t changed your exercise program, and you’ve lost an inch at your waist, that normally means you’ve lost weight, which may or may not be a good depending on whether you want your weight to be higher, lower, or the same as it was.

Snacking throughout the day is usually considered a bad habit and often means the intake of extra calories, salt, sugar etc. you don’t need. However eating intermittently isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It depends on what you are eating during the day and whether it’s part of a healthy diet. Do you snack on carrots or cookies? I’d check with my doctor and see what he or she thinks about it, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. IANAD.

I only eat one meal a day (dinner) and rarely snack during the day. Breakfast is just coffee.

Folks at work (who eat and snack all day) can’t comprehend how I can go so long without eating.

I’m 5’ 10" and 155 lbs.

I am happy with my weight, I dont like the bulge at the abdomen, but such is menopause.
Snacks? Tomatos, hummus, maybe chips.

Same height and weight here.

^^^Mine is a beer gut from when I used to drink.

A lot of people I know are into Intermittent Fasting, where they only eat during a 6 or 8 eight hour period during the day. That’s different than what you are doing, but you might want to check it out and see if it fits your lifestyle. It’s suppose to be the healthiest way to eat, although it feels to me a little like a food cult. My 40 yo daughter swears by it.

It is certainly possible. My wife and I started, nearly three years ago, a regime of eating a substantial breakfast around 8, then dinner around 2 and simply not thinking about food after 3. I think we sleep better on an empty stomach. My wife has lost about 15 lbs, while I have kept my weight. I do snack some between meals; she doesn’t. Neither of us feels deprived. And we are not fanatic about it. When our friends want to accompany them for an evening meal, we do it, having a much smaller 2PM meal. When we visit our kids, likewise. But when we get home, there is no problem with coming back to our routine.

This is very much the trick, I think.