Can your inner child come out and play with mine?

I had to go to the doctor today and I had to have a shot. I was sad. So I stopped at WalMart and bought myself a great big box of 64 Crayola crayons, a big block of white drawing paper and some Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies. I plan to curl up on the floor in my jammies tonight and color.

What do you do when your inner child needs comforting?

I like to play on the swings. I wish they hadn’t replaced all the old board swings with those rubber belt ones, though. Certain parts of my anatomy are as svelte as they were when I was 7.

aren’t, that is.

I get jammies on and camp out on the couch with some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I watch my Star Wars videos (OT), and Mr. Del is allowed to stay if he doesn’t say anything; if he starts in with any comments about scientific impossibilities or weak plot points, he’s instant persona non grata. I also drag out the Barbies and do their hair. Legos used to be a part of this routine, but after a particularly nasty Stray Lego Left On The Floor And Stepped On With A Bare Foot In The Middle Of The Night incident, we now use Legos with extreme caution.

You mean I need to act more childish than I already do? Great! I thought that I had already embarrassed my friends enough. :smiley:

Let’s see. Sometimes I get out a Barbie dress her up and put 'er on display on my armoire. Or I draw. Singing is a great pastime, but it happens too often to blame on my inner child. :stuck_out_tongue:

Play with my Barbies…I would say I wear my jammies, but since when I’m around the house I ALWAYS wear my jammies, that doesn’t make sense.

I usually curl up with my teddy bear, a blanket and watch MST3K. I play with my dolls, and I eat.

I look at my Romanov pictures. Somehow, it helps me to connect with them. I know that sounds weird.

When my inner child feels like she’s been left at the orphanage, I usually go and hang out with my parents. (They really are pretty cool.)

My mother and I go shopping, then we come home and torment my father by talking about all of the great bargains we got while he’s trying to read the paper in peace. Then we have a protracted cocktail hour with tasty snacks; if I’m especially in need of comforting, we forgo dinner and just eat lots of snacks. Sometimes we haul out the slide projector, screen, and countless boxes of slides and look at all of us way back when.

Never fails to cheer me up!

I go outside and swing or go on the monkey bars. God, I still love playgrounds :slight_smile: If I don’t feel like playing outside I wear something pink and eat ice cream while watcing the Princess Bride…or play barbies.

My inner child likes ice cream. Double chocolate chunk. Slightly melty. My inner child deserves it…

I put on my jammies with the sheeps on them, my slippers with the moons & stars on them, and eat cookies and/or ice cream. I try and read something funny, too–lately I’ve been re-reading my Dilbert books.

I put on my flannel jammies, my slippers with the rubber duckies on them, have a mug of warm milk & honey (or brown sugar if I’m out of honey) and maybe a girl scout cookie, and color in a coloring book.

My inner child gets a good workout every day anyway. At least I assume so, because my inner adult probably wouldn’t get a thrill out of repeating sounds like “bidoo” and “woozy,”* catching fireflies and making daisy chains…

[sub]* “Bidoo” is the noise Gunslinger’s cell phone makes when they turn the tower off at night. “Woozy” is just fun to say, and I repeat it until it ceases to be a word at all, and then turn it into different sounds that seem to be other words, like “wennzy,” which then becomes “thurzzy,” which then becomes kissy kissy when Gun is overcome by the cuteness of me.[/sub]

Inner Child? I sent mine to his room ages ago. :smiley:

I revisit all my old friends… Anne of Green Gables; Julian, Dick, George, Anne and good old Timmy; Emily of New Moon; Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy and all the others. Plus, I’ve made some new friends - Harry, Ron and Hermione - and I like to visit them too.

I wear my jammies, read in bed all day, eat chocolate, and stay up all night. My inner child is spoilt rotten, and to be honest I think somedays, “inner adult” would be more appropriate.

My inner child takes a bubble bath with more bubbles than allowed and then takes a nap.

I grab my three kids. If It’s winter we snitch several cafeteria trays, head out for the biggest hill and slide until we are numb. We then head home to from-scratch hot chocolate, a movie marathon and oodles of bad-for-you mental health food. In the summer we pack everything edible into the worlds biggest cooler, grab every beach toy and fishing gear available and spend a minimum of 12 hours on the beach. In the spring and fall we travel; visit relatives we haven’t seen for too long, have sleep-overs and parties.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we are all gung-ho on board games and puzzles.

me, i start annoying my friends. :smiley: it’s funny to see crazy_nut’s face when i start acting the clown. she’s always pokerfaced, so i start acting ridiculous. first her face cracks juuuuuust a tiny bit, then the corner of her mouth turns up juuuuuuust a tiny bit more, and then her facade starts to crumble in strange contortions, trying to keep the laugh down. then, i pull my “square-face” (a really really “cute” and seriously BIG frown), and she just can’t stand it anymore. haHAAAAAHAAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAA!

another point to the crazy cat. :smiley:

I don’t think you’d like my inner child. He’s fourteen years old, and his name is “Butt-Head”…
[sub]Uhhhhhh…huh huh…uhhh huh huh huh…[/sub]

I like playing on the swing as well. When I need real cheering up, I make chocolate cake batter and lick the spoon.

Mmmmm … batter …

Like cazzle I re-read children’s books. In bed. With chocolate. My husband’s ship is leaving Friday – you’ll know where to find me…

Jess (off to find her copies of the Little House books)

(former)Roommate and I have been watching cartoons and kid videos for the past week - Toy Story 1 & 2, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - while lying on the big floor pillows, eating potato chips and dip.

I bought Play-Doh. I forgot how much fun Play-Doh was.