Canadian protest group from '30s or '40s?

There was a group in British Columbia that protested something-or-other but did it naked. It was a favorite story of my Dad’s, and I’d nod and yawn. Last night at a party someone mentioned them and I realized I didn’t remember a thing. Evidently it was a big deal back then. They were called Dukaborgs or something similar. Tried a google search with every conceivable spelling, as well as a Canadian protest group search. Nada.

In England last year I was thumbing through a book titled something like “Odd Photographs” and came across a picture of four naked Dukaborgs. (No small wonder that the movement didn’t entice many followers.) I tore the page out of the book but didn’t get the caption that was on the next page.

Any help?

I believe you’re after information on this lot: The Doukhobors, a pre-industrial Russian-Christian sect that emigrated to Canada and made their name with nude marches and violence that marred their otherwise anti-violence tenets (I love a search engine challenge!).

They were the Dukhobors. That is Russian (or Ukrainian?) for ‘spirit wrestlers’. It was a religious sect that had been so persecuted in their native Ukraine that they emigrated to Canada.

The group you’re thinking of was a splinter group of a Russian religious group called the Doukhobortsi, or Doukhobors.

The Doukhobors are themselves a breakaway group from the Russian Orthodox Church, from sometime in the 18th century. They came into conflict with the Church and the Czarist regime, and most emmigrated to Canada and Cyprus. I believe, although am not certain, that pacifism is one of their principles, which was part of the reason for their conflict with the Russian government.

The splinter group in B.C. in the 30s and 40s was in conflict with the provincial and federal governments - can’t remember what was the basis for that. There were allegations of arson by some of the members of that group, and I think some were convicted. The splinter group gained some notoriety because their way of protesting government action which they disapproved of was to strip.

I’ve not heard much of the splinter group in B.C. in recent years, but a few years ago there was a picture in the Globe & Mail of a couple of Doukhobor women who had stripped to protest a court decision - so they’re still out there.

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A quick search on “Doukhobors” on gave me a whole host of links, so knock yourself out (the hard part was finding the name of the group).

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