Canadians relax! Fred Phelps hates Swedes more now!

All you Canadians can breathe a sigh of relief. Fred Phelps has switched his special attention to Sweden now, from Canada. Seems the kook has got riled up over a hate speech case in Sweden. I’ve tried finding non-biased news sources on this incident, will post links if I could, but for now all I have is what ol’ Phredd has spewed.

But the Fredster has a problem. He’s taken down his upside down Canadian flag, which he hangs above his upside down American flag. The Swedish flag now flies above the American. But, given the design, there really isn’t an up or down side. What’s a hate monger like Fred to do?

Judging from the flyers, he’s just rotated it 180 degrees, so that the centre point of the Scandinavian cross is in the viewer’s right instead of left.

But seriously now, who doesn’t hate the swedes? I mean, they are right up there with the eskimos.

lousy eskimos

Poor ol’ Phred. It must be getting hard to keep track of all the people, organizations, and whole countries God hates. There’s gotta be a better way - maybe he can just start with the assumption that God hates everybody, and then he can get a little black book so he can take down names of everyone he discovers whom God probably doesn’t hate. Then he can just sit back in his lounge chair and relax, secure in the knowledge that he’ll never find sufficient reason to put anyone on the list. Take a vacation, Phred, you’ve earned it…

I was recently at an ordainment of a gay priest, who is a good friend of my girlfriend’s. Phelps had promised to show up with his phlock of phools for the occasion, but didn’t show. I imagine he wants attention, but doesn’t have the money or support to do most of things he wants to do. He’s a joke.

Well, I did see one of his fliers once that said everyone else except for his group was destined for Hell, because nobody else was preachin’ his message.

Sorry, no cite, you can take my statement for what it’s worth.

Which makes me wonder why a thread is started about him everytime he releases a press statement. :rolleyes:

Perhaps people start threads precisely because he’s a joke, just like they do with Chick tracts.

Forget the Swedes, it’s the Norwegians we have to worry about. Everyone keeps focusing on Sweden and the national helth system, the long vacation times, and nobody gives a shit about the wooden boats being built next door. I’m telling you all, watch out for the Norwegians! They’re plotting…and scheming… and…huh? What Fred? Oh, we’re off to Singapore? Yeah, Godless bastards that don’t allow gum chewing!!!

Never mind, friends. Forget about the wooden boats. Chew Juicy Fruit!


Dude, you are so behind the times.

Holy shit, I pulled the brand out of my ass. But where was the reference to Ole’ Fred?
Aside: Otto, you have a lot of time on your hands, huh? :wink:


What’s especially funny is that he isn’t actually going to Sweden, but “Little Sweden”. Where, I’m sure, very few actual Swedish citizens live. However, it’s a much cheaper trip.

What’s even more funny is that he is writing about picketing the King of Sweden, whose power is exactly zero and who is forbidden by law to make any political statements whatsoever. Phred might as well picket a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

Hey! Keep us pigs out of this!

I don’t know who Phred is, but the Swedes are stupid fools for imprisoning a priest for speaking his mind. Freedom of speech is not something you can limit to just those you agree with.

Sexual liberties should never be used as a reason to limit free speech. I guess Mr. Andersson having been under the steel boot for centuries now think it’s his time to do a bit of stomping.

Well, those are the laws. It is illegal to speak ill, in general terms, of people of a certain race/creed/skin colour/sexual orientation/whatever.

(considers starting the “Buy Fred Phelps a One-Way Ticket To Sweden Foundation”)

Seriously though, this law against “incitement” sounds like it’s being used in an awfully broad way. Today it’s a priest jailed for condemning homosexuals; maybe tomorrow it’s a gay man arrested for referring to heteros as “breeders”? Who’s deciding what’s offensive here?
can’t believe I’m even marginally agreeing with Phred…must…go…shower

I didn’t say the law was perfect. I didn’t even say I agree with it. I might add that the chance of a gay man being indicted for calling a hetero a “breeder” is close to nil, and not only because there is no Swedish equivalent to the word “breeder”. In practice, you can call white people anything you want (but not nonwhite people), men anything you want (but not women) and heterosexuals anything you want (but not nonheterosexuals).

I’m not saying I should or shouldn’t be allowed to trash black female homosexuals. I’m just saying that if I’m not allowed to trash black female homosexuals, I shouldn’t be allowed to trash white male heterosexuals either.

Woo Hoo!! Phelps doesn’t hate us as much anymore and I got today off of work because of the lamest excuse for a holiday ever.

Now excuse while I bask in the gorgeous weather of another Civic Holiday. aka Simcoe Day in Ontario.

I dunno, I’m a bit put out at no longer being on the top of Phred’s list. However, I’m sure we’ll retake first place when the gay marriage bill is passed. I’m quite confident God will hate that.