Canadope Café 2018: Chatting Around the Campfire

Canadope Café 2018: Chatting Around the Campfire

Pull up a chair, toss a branch on the fire, and let your hair down. You’re among friends, and no matter how cold is it out there, the warmth of the campfire – the fire in the hearts of those sitting in the circle around it – welcomes you and looks forward to us sharing another year together.

I’ll bring the pistachios to roast in a black cast iron frying pan!

Happy New Year et Bonne Année, tout le monde!

The best GS ski run in the province opened this evening just after the fireworks. For me, 2017 is now complete.

Happy New Year, folks!

Warmth! Warmth!
:: cozies up as close as he dares to the fire ::
It’s bloody cold out there right now…

Posting from a tropical Thai island and would really REALLY appreciate it if y’all could warm things up a titch before our return mid Jan, thanks heaps, I knew I could count on you!

(You know it’s mighty cold when you’re on a carless island on the Andaman Sea and the locals are aware how cold it is back home! Yipes!)

I’ve a better idea: we could go there! Right now I’m near Bancroft, ON; it’s the middle of the night, and it’s -35C outside.

You don’t want me to let my hair down. When I do, I frighten small children.

But I’m happy to be near the warm campfire. Happy New Year, all!

(Muffin, great title for this year’s thread!)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, fellow Canuckles! I’m in the tiny area of Canada that isn’t under an extreme cold warning - Vancouver Island.

It’s so cold in Calgary that the zoo brought in their penguins!

Lang may yer lum reek!

Happy new year everyone.

Happy Frozen New Year All (except elbows who is being a jerk and not bringing the warm weather back with them… :smiley: ). BAck to work tomorrow and since all our remote sites are now frozen that means trips out by skidoo or quad to get them restarted…Yay!

Yes, but they were South African penguins, not an Antarctic species.

Actually, on this morning’s weather report, they reported that while essentially all of Quebec was between -22 and -25, the Gaspe was “only” -5.

Just got back from a quick walk to the corner store. It didn’t feel quite as cold as it had been, and apparently, it isn’t: we hit -34C last night, but according to Environment Canada, it’s only -18C right now.

You know it’s been too cold for too long when you preface -18C with an “only.”

News article says new record low for Toronto: -22C.

Really? it doesn’t normally go below -20 in T.O. ?

[Johnny Carson]I did not know that![/Johnny Carson]

Toronto is tempered by Lake Ontario.

My friends in Toronto usually think -10 is cold.

I grew up in Sarnia. I know exactly what they mean.

When I first moved to the Ottawa Valley 30 some years ago I could believe what -35 felt like.

-25º and windy on my drive home last night, but Monday is supposed to be 1º. Typical Ottawa winter.

In my experience, it is extremely common for people in Toronto to quote wind chill-adjusted temperatures in order to make things sound more extreme.

And actually, that report was for a record cold on “January 5” not a record cold for the winter.

What that record is though, I don’t know.

It’s supposed to be minus 35 here in Ottawa right now (with wind chill) and I’m out and about as usual. Heck, it’s winter.

ETA: just found this on Wikipedia:

“The coldest minimum temperature of −33 °C (−27 °F) was recorded on January 10, 1859. The coldest temperature recorded at Toronto Pearson International Airport was −31.3 °C (−24.3 °F) on January 4, 1981, and the coldest windchill recorded was −44.7 °C on the same day.”