The CanaDoper Café, 2013 edition.

Happy New Year, everyone. It is now 2013 in Canada, and I want to take a moment to wish all Dopers, everywhere, a very happy and prosperous New Year. (Well, it’s 2013 for my friends in Newfoundland and Labrador, anyway. I, personally, have another hour and a half to wait.)

This thread is a fresh start to an ongoing discussion of all things Canadian. (Here is a link to the last page of the 2012 CanaDoper Café, and here is a link to the 2011 ‘Canadian current events and politics thread’.)

If you are curious or knowledgeable about any aspect of Canadian history, politics, culture, law, sports, geography, current events - please, pour yourself something tasty and have a seat.

As with the previous threads, I have one request to ask of you all - I hope to keep this in MPSIMS rather than Great Debates or The Pit, partly because there is no single debate to resolve, but also because I want to encourage some of our gentler voices to feel free to express their points of view. One of the great pleasures of previous Canadian-based threads has been that, while I may continue to disagree with the opinions of other CanaDopers, I have come to have a great respect for the people themselves.

And with the NHL strike, the World Junior Championships, Chris Hadfield in orbit, the Idle No More blockades - there seems to be plenty to talk about…

As I said on the last thread, I’d never thought of getting someone else to start it…

Here’s a proposal - how be for 2014, we make the person with the most posts in this thread start it?

Hey Doug,

I knew you started last year’s, but didn’t realize you also started the same thread the year before. I can’t believe we’re into another brand shining new CanaDoper thread already.

2013 is going to be a very interesting year for me. I wish all of you other hosers the best of times.

The juniors look poised to win the worlds. The NHL will probably be canned for this year. The Blue Jays have bought themselves a fine team and will be contenders.

Canada’s economy will continue to grow and be enviable world-wide; we have the resources to dominate this century. Look out world: here comes Canada.

ETA: Nope. It’s your thread to continue with. You own the rights. (The other Doug.)

OK. Here we go.

Tim Hortons customers pay it forward 228 times in Winnipeg.

ETA: Wow!

Bonne année mes amis!

Happy New Year!

Happy Hogmanay.

Lang may yer lum reek!

That’s awesome!

And I’ll have you know, my lum has never reeked!

Happy New Years, everybody!

Happy New Year a tout le monde. Now I’ll go back to my seat and quitely keep on reading you:)

Maybe my first New Year’s resolution should be to make sure I read this thread and other Canadian news more often. Being so far from home for so long, I 've become lazy about keeping up to date and have really no idea what’s going on back home. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year friends! Hope that 2013 brings you much happiness and prosperity!

Off to a concert by the Musicians in Ordinary this afternoon, in an attempt to start the New Year off right.

I hope to be back in time to take the kids and the dog sledding in the park. The weather here in Toronto has been perfect - just cold enough that the Boxing Day snow has stayed, just warm enough that you can comfortably stay out for a few hours.

What are some of your New Year’s traditions, y’all?

Last night was fun, went down to Olympic Plaza with Velociraptor then home to put him to bed and back in time for the count down.

There were a few protests happening. Idle No More people were in the plaza just off to the side, across the street was the street church guy serving food and warm drinks and had his large signs out bashing the mayor and aldermen.

It was a good time though, but I was sadly disappointed in the fireworks, or rather lack thereof. A quick fwoosh off of a nearby building and the tower lit up and that was it. I guess I’m comparing to years past at First Night in Edmonton though, and it has been about 15 years so things change.

Hi everyone! I’m still alive, albeit mostly absent these days. I just have less time to sit and read the Dope than I used to (being unemployed had it’s upside, it seems!). Work is busy but mostly fun, except for when clients call me when I’m NOT ON CALL AND BAKING COOKIES. Had cookie dough all over my phone, though otherwise was able to help them get their plane fixed, so that’s good.

I’m off to have a New Years Day supper with both my parents and in-laws, which should be fun. They rarely get together and it just worked out well this year.

Canada had better win the WJHC! They won the Spengler Cup too, not that anyone cares. I really miss hockey!

I’ll try and drop in more often in 2013! Happy new year to you all and have a safe and healthy year!

I LIKE the Spengler Cup. Seems to be the closest thing to a club championship out there. It’s neat to see the Euro teams with all manner of nationalities. And the crazy uniforms. Nice to see the Canada win, and the level of talent available to all the teams.

Happy new year everyone!

I bought something today for $19.91 and handed the clerk a $20 bill. He rang it through properly and the cash register said “Change: 10 cents.” So I guess the official phase-out of the penny has begun. Great!

The coffee shop that I patronize daily started doing that just before Christmas. I guess we’ll see more and more places doing it.

Now that you mention it, yeah the last couple times I paid in cash I got the rounded amount of change (coffee bill came to 3.42 today, I got 1.60 in change from a five).

Usually I pay more attention but I’m a little sleep deprived.

I didn’t want to let this great post die with last year’s thread.

Good post, Muffin. I don’t want generational, grinding poverty to have any place in Canada either, but I have no pat answers. Towns and villages die if they can’t make it, and the people who lived there move on. It would be ridiculous to expect the Federal government to massively subsidize a village that was dying because, for example, the railway that serviced them stopped running there, and I think we’re going to have to face that hard, cold fact with reservations, too - if your reservation can’t survive without massive subsidies, it isn’t going to survive. As someone said earlier in the previous thread, I think the reservation system is well and truly broken.

I also think that another thing that has to change is that Natives have to stop blaming Whitey for all their problems. Blaming someone else for all your problems means that you don’t have any power to fix anything; I don’t believe that’s true, and neither does Chief Clarence Louie.

I agree, and in light of this paragraph from Muffin’s post…

… and this item from the National Post (Idle No More founders distance themselves from chiefs), which contains such statements from Idle No More as:

… then I wonder what we might see here. If the Aboriginal people themselves are fed up with their leadership, as seems to be what Idle No More is saying (from the linked item, “… the founders of Idle No More made it clear that while they recognize [Attawapiskat Chief Theresa] Spence’s support and sacrifice, the movement is about all of Canada’s aboriginal people, not just its chiefs”), what might we expect?