Canadope (canadian dopers look inside)

Hey, Canadian Dopers! Is there any interest out there for Canadians to get together for our own “country” board, like G’Dope or NADS?

If we do have enough people wanting it, I think the boards will probably be Invision Boards. My experinces with them have been good, and hopefully their is a trial version.

Sounds good to me! We could then argue about whether Toronto or Montreal is the Centre of the Universe[sup]TM[/sup]. :smiley:

I’ll have to check out one of the country boards. Hopefully they won’t notice another foreigner skulking around…

I’m in!

Well put me down too, but do we have enough people? I can think of 10 off my head but it fuzzy after that.

Where are these other boards anyway?

Damn, double post.

Well put me down too, but do we have enough people? I can think of 10 off my head but it gets fuzzy after that.

Where are these other boards anyway?

Why…neither of course! That’s Ottawa, silly! :wink:

I’m in for it as well!

Feh, everybody knows its Alert.

Count me in.

I’d go with Alert moreso than any of those nasty Eastern cities. They really know how to party in the North.

I’d be in - if you’ll allow me.

Hey, I’m Canadian too. I hope that’s the only criteria :slight_smile:

newbie here. i’d love to be a part of a new board.

If anybody is interested in beng a moderator/admin, please contact me thru email, and if applicable, tell me your past moderator experinces.
The only rule is that you have to be canadian, either living in or gone off to some far off land and have our already small number diminish even more :frowning:


Sounds interested… I’d definitely be willing to see how things turn out! :slight_smile:


I’m interested, Aslan. Good thinking!

Yeah, count me in too.

Aslan (love your user name BTW - brings back fond memories for me), you have the full support of the G’Dope crew in this. When I started G’Dope a couple of years ago, I was surprised there wasn’t already a British and a Canadian equivalent. I’m glad it’s happening now.

And I dunno if she’s applied, but I reckon Flam would make a cracker of a mod/admin. If you’ve got the Flamster on side, you’re off to a flying start.

Yep, Flami was the first person I thought of when I wanted another person for admin. TheLoadedDog, do you think I have enough possible members to actually get the board up and running? Do you know about how much sometihng like this would cost to run, if any? Any free boards? I wanna stick with Invision for the first 30 days, but if it costs a lot for afterwards…

G’Dope costs me about US$35 each six months on Ezboard. It’s headache free, but obviously with less control than running your own MB software on your own server. It’s ok though (customisable and secure) ,and I’m happy with it.

I think you have enough interest expressed in this thread to give it a go. There is a fair amount of crossover between G’Dope and NADS, so you’ll probably find a fair few Commonwealth visitors on your board too. Go for it.

What with all the segregation? Can’t we all just get along?
Heh, totally kidding.

I’m in.
“Steeltown Reprizent![sic]” or something like that.

Would also love to be part of this board

Fantastico! Count me in as well. Hoo rah for Canucks!