"Cane" series premiere 9/25/07

Damn, I’ve missed prime time soaps! This one looks suitably ludicrous. Like “Dallas” with sugar substituted for oil (with the comparison made explicit during the pilot). Lots of Latino (or pseudo-Latino perhaps) hotness for people on both sides of the aisle. I hope it keeps taking itself just as seriously as it did in the pilot.

No one? Really? What was on across from it that everybody watched instead?

Law & Order:SVU Season Premier

It didn’t do a lot for me, but I’m not ruling it out after only one episode. Pilots can occasionally be a bit expository, and then turn out okay.

I really liked Ken Howard (another West Wing alum and the only one in Crossing Jordan who could pull off a Boston accent) as the feuding patriarch, and I’ll probably watch for him. My fear is that ratings will fall-off and some studio exec will see the title of the show, remember a character from another network show, and bring in David Caruso for a “crossover episode”. I will buy a gun and shoot my television.

Oh dear, I forgot to watch this. My main interest in it – aside from a general interest in good nighttime soapy stuff – is Lee Tergesen (Beecher on Oz), and I’m not sure he has a continuing character.

He plays the son of the evil patriarch so I’m assuming he’s a regular.

It’ll be on again on Saturday night, if anyone missed it (and it’s the first show taking advantage of the new Neilsen loophole). One thing I didn’t understand, at the beginning of the episode, didn’t they say the evil patriarch was in a coma and dying (which was the reason Baby Evil and Little Miss Evil gave for the offer to the family). Did I just mishear something?

When the junior Evils were trying to buy the land they said that Big Daddy Cane (sorry, won’t happen again) was receiving 24-hour care. Then when Jimmy Smits came a-callin’ the witer had a “let’s mangle Twain” moment and Smits had a line about how reports of Big Daddy Cane’s (sorry, last one, I promise) ill health were greatly exaggerated.

Nielson loophole? What’s the deal with that?

Yeah, and what’s the deal with airline food?

The way the Nielsen ratings used to work, they’d figure out how many people watched the show from the airing of the show…so you’d get that about 5 million people watched Cane on Tuesday at 10 on NBC or whatever, and that’s how it would be reported.

Starting this season, they’ve changed the rules. Now, if the show airs again the same Mon-Sun week, and has the same advertisers as the last time, the viewers from the additional airings are counted on the show.

So, if 5 million watched Cane Tuesday at 10, then another 2 million watch the same episode with the same advertisers on Saturday at 9, then the show is credited with 7 million viewers on Tuesday at 10, and the NBC space Saturday at 9 is left blank.

I recorded *Cane *(had to watch Damages) and sat down to watch it this afternoon.

I was only really interested in it because i think Jimmy Smits is great. I thought his four seasons on NYPD Blue were the show’s best years, and i liked him in LA Law and The West Wing too (although by the time he really emerged on The West Wing, i had sort of given up on the show).

Cane was pretty much what i expected—Dallas for the sugar industry. It looks good, but i think the plot is going to be just too contrived and silly, and will probably rely on cliffhanger-type endings just about every week. I’ll probably give it another go, but i’m not sure it will make the regular rotation, even with Jimmy Smits.

I was interested to see Polly Walker take her conniving-bitch-from-hell character from Rome (she played Atia) and bring it to America. But according to IMDB, she’s only in one episode, so we might not see her again, which is unfortunate.

Yeah, I don’t think that will last long…they’re basically taking Saturday out of ratings play. I can’t see that ploy lasting long. There’s already industry rumblings about it. From an daily trade e-mail called Cynopsis:

If Jamie is going to Fort Benning in 60 days, why did he shave his head so soon? Unless that was his way of telling his dad he was joining the Army?

I thought the dialogue was clunky in places and I thought it was a bit squicky that Alex married his adopted sister. Still, it’s been awhile since we’ve had a shameful pleasure like a nighttime soap, so I’ll probably keep watching. We have three West Wings alums with Smits, Eliozando (sp?) and Howard, and Ken Howard was in Dallas.