Cannabis Users: How Long For A T-Break?

So last week, I realized that it was taking me three bowls just to get a buzz, and I decided it was time for a T-break. Here I am a week later and I’m jonesing hardcore.

I set out to do a 28-day T-break (resuming again on 4/20, because why not), as that’s the gist of my google results. But, looking at things a bit more closely, it seems that this advice is a) coming from medical publications (WebMD, May Clinic, etc.), and b) focesed on getting cannabis completely out of your system (like for a drug test).

I want to hear from stoners, not medical academics reviewing scant research. I’m also not interested in getting cannabis completely out of my system as I have no need to pass a drug test. I just want to enjoy getting high again without having to consume so much.

What’s the consensus of the stoner community? Do I need to go a month? Or am I good to go again after seven days?

*Daily user, but only at night.

For those unversed in the culture of cannabis consumption, what is a “T-break”?


Tolerance Break.

Like with alcohol, regular users eventually need a larger amount for the same effect.

To answer the OP, two weeks should do the trick. This is based on very old personal experience and what others have told me.

“A 21-day Interactive Guide to help Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance and Re-Establish Balance.”

Have you tried alternating between different strains?