Cannot identify late 80's early 90's song.

This is a tough one. I stumbled across a playlist in a old notebook.

Here’s the list save for one entry:

Can’t Be Sure - The Sundays
Can’t You See - Vicious Pink
Eloise - The Damned
Uncertain Smile - The The
Everything Goes - Graham Parker

Ok - I remember or could find all these. But there was one more; it’s listed as…

Tommy & Co - Bill Richard?
Before you ask, yes I’ve googled this to no avail My guess is that I misheard something on the radio and my mangling must be too far off the mark to get a match.

So, anyone out there with knowledge of that era have an idea what song/artist I messed up? Thanks in advance.

Just try Bill Pritchard, who did a song of that name.

Wow - now the annoying thing is I put Tommy & co with Bill Richard in the youtube search and it gave me nothing. Thanks so much!