Canon scanner doesn't like Mac OS 10.8

Anyone have any idea how I can get a Canon MP160 Pixma all-in-one printer to scan with a MacBook Pro running OS 10.8.4?

It will print to the MP160 via the driver installed for the Canon MX410 all-in-one, but will not scan.

Canon doesn’t provide a scanner driver later than OS 10.7 for the MP160.


Canon is notorious for not providing drivers for older products on new operating systems. For example, the LiDE scanners from a few years ago won’t work on Windows 7, even though the current LiDE scanners do, and the current ones use pretty much the same electronics as the old ones, only cost-reduced.

VueScan will operate those older scanners on Windows 7, and the author says there’s a version for MacOS (including 10.8). In particular, this page says:

Thanks Terry! I’ll try installing this as daylight permits.