Can't access SDMB on old iPad

I resurrected my iPad 2 last night as I like to browse the SDMB in bed and it would be a better experience than using my phone. My browser worked but the SDMB just returns an empty white page. So this morning I decided it might be a good idea to reset my iPad from scratch anyway. Did all of that and it still returns an empty white page - it even shows the page as loading. But I get a white screen and not even an error.

I tried to install Discourse Hub instead but that’s showing as being “not compatible with this iPad”.

The latest IOS version for this iPad looks to be 9.3.5.

Does Discourse simply not work on something this old? Is there any way I can make this work?

Maybe try a different browser?

Most major browsers no longer let me download onto IOS 9 (and I can’t upgrade further) but the ones that do (Maxthon, Dolphin, Snow Bunny) yield the same disappointing result.

I might have to try to jailbreak this thing.

I would sometimes get a white screen even on modern browsers, due to connection issues. So I thought I’d tell you make sure those aren’t a problem.

One good thing about vBulletin was that it had great fallbacks, working even without JavaScript.

Some limited success: I can read the site if I disable Javascript in Safari but it won’t load the form to login. I actually saved the user name and password in Safari’s settings in the hope it would log me in automatically, but no dice. Getting there.

What would be useful is getting the cookies you would get from logging in, but I don’t know for sure how that could be done.

If I were you, I’d definitely look into jailbreaking and then trying out different browsers to see if they work with JavaScript enabled, letting you actually log in.

Yes, unfortunately, that is the case – there are so many unpatched security vulnerabilities in devices that old; we strongly recommend not using them.

Okay thanks. The ipad is still okay for paying mahjong though.